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Looking for features in Technical Preview? We have curated a list so that you can find them in one place. Explore our Features in Technical Preview page and share your feedback using the attached Podio form link.

What’s new in 24.5.0

Support for authentication using FIDO2 when connecting to a cloud store

Starting with the 24.5.0 version, users can authenticate to Citrix Workspace app using FIDO2-based password‑less authentication when connecting to a cloud store. FIDO2 offers a seamless authentication method, allowing enterprise employees to access apps and desktops within virtual sessions without the need to enter user name or password. This feature supports both roaming (USB only) and platform authenticators (PIN code, Face recognition, and Fingerprint only). This feature is compatible with Android version 9 and later.

FIDO2 authentication is supported with the Chrome custom tabs. If you are interested to use FIDO2 authentication with WebView, register your interest using the Podio form.


This feature is enabled by default.

Document scanner

If you’re signed into Citrix Workspace app, you can use the document scanner feature to scan many documents and transfer those scanned documents to the virtual desktop session.


  • This feature is enabled by default.


  • Client drive mapping (CDM) must be enabled for the store.
  • Document scanner requires read and write access on your device. To enable access, follow these steps:
    1. From your profile, tap application Settings > Store settings.
    2. Tap your current store.
    3. Tap Device Storage and then select Full access.

For more information about how to use this feature, see Document scanner in the help documentation.

Deprecation announcement

Starting with the 24.5.0 version, Citrix Workspace app for Android doesn’t support Android OS versions 9, 10, and 11. For the best results, update Android devices to the latest Android operating system.

For more information, see Deprecation.

Technical Preview

Fixed issue in 24.5.0

There are no fixed issues in this release.

Known issue in 24.5.0

  • When you start a virtual desktop session on a DeX-enabled device and click the Extend button from the session toolbar, the session gets disconnected, and the extended screen window closes.

    The issue occurs on the external monitor setup when you use Citrix Workspace app for Android version 24.4.0 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra with OneUI 6.0 device. [HDX-65584]

What’s new in 24.4.0

This release addresses areas that improve overall performance and stability.

Deprecation announcement of the TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 protocols

Citrix is planning to deprecate the support for TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 protocols in future releases. The alternative protocol is TLS 1.2 or TLS 1.3. For more information, see Deprecation.

Fixed issues in 24.4.0

Attempts to install Citrix Workspace app version 24.1.0 fail with an incompatible error. The issue occurs on certain Zebra devices that don’t have a camera. [CVADHELP-24843]

Known issues in 24.4.0

There are no new known issues.


For a complete list of issues in the earlier releases, see the Known issues section.

Earlier releases

This section provides information on the new features and fixed issues in the previous releases that we support as per the Lifecycle Milestones for Citrix Workspace app.


What’s new

This version includes enhancements to the log collection. The log file now contains more comprehensive information that can assist IT administrators and customer support teams in analysing the scenario better.

Push Citrix Workspace app settings through UEM

Previously, you could configure the store URL in the Citrix Workspace app.

Starting with this release, you can configure the Citrix Workspace app settings on the managed devices through any unified endpoint management (UEM) solutions tool that is deployed in your infrastructure.


As an administrator, if you have an option of configuring the Citrix Workspace app settings using UEM and the Global App Configuration service (GACS) where, UEM always takes a higher preference over GACS.

For more information about configuration, see Push Citrix Workspace app settings through UEM.

Fixed issues

There are no fixed issues in the release.


What’s new

Support for biometric authentication after inactivity

After the inactivity timer expires, the end user is asked to authenticate themselves using biometric features such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning.

The most robust form of biometric authentication available to the end user depends on the OEM of their device, and they are prompted accordingly.

For more information about configuring inactivity timer, see Inactivity timeout for Citrix Workspace app sessions.

Fixed issues

There are no fixed issues in the release.

Known issues

Known issues in 22.6.5

  • When you open a Web app or a SaaS app, the taskbar buttons and ellipsis do not work as expected. The issue occurs after you toggle on Web Interface in the Add Account screen. [RFANDROID-10263]

Known issues in 21.4.0

No new known issues have been observed in this release.


When you’re enrolled in the Work profile in Citrix Workspace app, launching your sessions using the Chrome browser from an ICA file in the Personal profile no longer works. However, the issue isn’t present with Citrix Secure Web on adding the ICA file URL in the exclusion list.

Known issues in 20.3.0

On a Samsung DeX device, you might not be able to cancel USB device redirection if you dismiss the permission prompt without tapping the Cancel button. [RFANDROID-5397]

Known issues in 20.2.0

Attempts to reconnect fail when you tap Connect in the Auto Client Reconnect dialog. The issue occurs in sessions connected to Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Version 7.6 CU 8. [RFANDROID-5151]


While starting Web and SaaS apps from within the Citrix Workspace app, if the app uses Google IdP and requires the end user to sign in then the authentication fails with the error message “Access Denied”.

Technical preview

Technical previews are available for customers to use in their non-production or limited production environments, and to give customers an opportunity to share feedback. Citrix does not accept support cases for feature previews but welcomes feedback for improving them. Citrix might or might not act on feedback based on its severity, criticality, and importance.

Third-party notices

Citrix products often include third-party code licensed to Citrix for use and redistribution under an open source license. To better inform its customers, Citrix publicizes open source code included within Citrix products in an open source licensed code list.

For information about Open Source Licensed Code, see Open Source Licensed Code.

Citrix Workspace app might include third-party software licensed under the terms defined in the following document:

Citrix Workspace app for Android Third-Party Notices


For information about deprecated items, see the Deprecation page.

Legacy documentation

For product releases that have reached End of Life (EOL), see Legacy documentation.

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