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Citrix Workspace app for HTML5 integrates with Citrix Receiver for Website. To access their virtual desktops and hosted applications, users navigate to a Citrix Receiver for Website using a compatible browser that run on a supported operating system.

The user experience with Citrix Workspace app for HTML5 is as follows:

  • If you did not configure the site to always use Citrix Workspace app, the site tries to determine whether Citrix Workspace app is installed locally. Installation can be on devices that run Windows and macOS. When Citrix Workspace app isn’t detected, users are prompted to download and install the appropriate Citrix Workspace app for their platform. For users who are unable to install Citrix Workspace app, the issue happens every time they log on to the Citrix Receiver for Website. Users who already have Citrix Workspace app installed locally must use the same version to access resources from the site. The users aren’t given the option to use Citrix Workspace app for HTML5.

    When you configure the Citrix Receiver for Website to always use Citrix Workspace app, all users must access resources from the site through Citrix Workspace app. This action is regardless of whether the user has a locally installed version of Citrix Workspace app or not.

  • When users access a desktop or an application through Citrix Workspace app, the resource starts in a new browser tab or window. The action depends on the user’s browser settings. You can configure Citrix Workspace app so that resources are always started in the same tab as the Citrix Receiver for Website.

  • When a user starts an extra application, Citrix Workspace app for HTML5 checks whether the application can be started within an existing session before creating a session. This check enables users to access many applications over a single connection so that the available resources are used more efficiently.

  • Citrix Workspace app for HTML5 supports displaying titles of the applications and desktops in parentheses (for example, VDA(1) and VDA(2)) in the browser tab. To enable this feature, select Launch applications in the same tab as Receiver for Web in StoreFront. For more information, see Configure.

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