Mobile Device Management

Citrix Workspace app now supports Mobile Device Management (MDM) that allows the administrators to configure, secure, and support Citrix Workspace app for Mac by enforcing policies through any MDM tool.

Install and uninstall Citrix Workspace app through the MDM

You can use terminal commands to install and uninstall the Citrix Workspace app through the MDM. For more information about using the terminal commands to install and uninstall, see the Manual install and Uninstall section.

To install Citrix Workspace app for Mac:

  1. Download the .dmg file for the version of Citrix Workspace app for Mac that you want to install from the Downloads page.
  2. Open the downloaded CitrixWorkspaceApp.dmg file.
  3. Drag the Install Citrix Workspace.pkg file into the folder.
  4. Use the following terminal command to install the package through MDM:

    sudo installer -pkg /Volumes/Citrix\ Workspace/Install\ Citrix\ Workspace.pkg -target /

To uninstall Citrix Workspace app:

You can use the following terminal command to uninstall the Citrix Workspace app through MDM:

  sudo /Library/Application\ Support/Citrix\ Receiver/Uninstall\ Citrix\\ Citrix\ Workspace --nogui

Settings supported on MDM

Setting Description Key Value Value type Default Value Supported version
Select browser for FIDO2 web Authentication Allows administrators to select the type of browser used for authenticating an end user into Citrix Workspace app. For more information about the description of values, see FIDO2 based authentication when connecting to cloud and on-premises store WebBrowserForAuthentication System/SystemWithPrivateSession/Embedded/EmbeddedWithPrivateSession String EmbeddedWithPrivateSession 2307
Enable/disable FIDO2 authentication for HDX session Allows administrators to enable or disable FIDO2 authentication within an HDX session. Fido2Enabled true/false Boolean true 2307
Quick access menu for StoreFront Allows administrators to enable or disable the Quick access menu for On-prem stores. ShowQuickAccessForStoreFront true/false Boolean false 2307
Auto update – AutoUpdateState Updates Citrix Workspace app to the latest version without any user intervention automatically. AutoUpdateState Auto/Manual/Disabled String Auto 2305
Enable Azure Active Directory Allows administrators to configure and enforce Azure Active Directory conditional access policies for users authenticating to Citrix Workspace app. enableAAD true/false Boolean False 2305
Auto start of Citrix Workspace app Controls Citrix Workspace app for Mac to start automatically whenever a computer is turned on by an end user. AutoLaunchAppOnRestart true/false Boolean True 2304
Pre-configuration of Store URL Allows administrators to preconfigure and add the store details to the Workspace app so that the end users don’t have to do it. StoreURLs <Store URL> String NA 2210
Block new Store addition by end-user Prevents the end user from adding a store in the Workspace app on their endpoint devices. BlockStoreAddition true/false Boolean False 2210
Show/Hide menu bar Shows or hides the Citrix Workspace menu on the Mac menu bar. ShowHelperInMenuBar true/false Boolean True 2208.1
Auto update - AutoUpdateChannel Allows administrators to ensure whether a Citrix Workspace app receives GA updates or Beta updates when the auto-update is enabled. AutoUpdateChannel PROD/EAR String PROD 2201

Schema for reference

               <string>PROVIDE STORE URL HERE</string>
             <string>Citrix Workspace</string>

Mobile Device Management