Configure Citrix Workspace app

You can configure Citrix Workspace app for Mac using Global App Configuration service User Interface (UI) and Mobile Device Management. Settings can be configured for both cloud (Citrix Workspace) and on-premises (Citrix StoreFront) environments.

For more information, see the following:

USB redirection

HDX USB device redirection enables redirection of USB devices to and from a user device. A user can connect a flash drive to a local computer and access it remotely from a virtual desktop or a desktop hosted application. For more information, see USB.

Keyboard layout synchronization

Keyboard layout synchronization enables you to switch between the preferred keyboard layouts on the client device. This feature is disabled by default. After you enable this feature, the client keyboard layout automatically synchronizes to the virtual apps and desktops. For more information, see Keyboard layout synchronization.

Channel support for Global App Configuration service

The Global App Configuration service for Citrix Workspace allows a Citrix administrator to deliver Workspace service URLs and Workspace App settings through a centrally managed service. Global App Configuration service now allows administrators to test the settings before rolling it out to all users. This feature allows to resolve any issues before applying the global app configurations to the entire user base.

You can achieve the channel support by mapping the settings that you want to test to a channel and then add the channel in the payload. For more information, see Global App Configuration service documentation.

Configure Citrix Workspace app