Known issues

Known issues in 2402 LTSR

  • If you have Real-Time Media Engine (RTME) older than 2.9.700 version installed on the end point device, you might fail to open published apps or desktops. This issue occurs on Citrix Workspace app for Windows 2403 and on Citrix Workspace app for Windows 2402 LTSR versions. As a workaround, you can do one of the following:

    • If you use Skype for business with the RTME plug-in, upgrade RTME to 2.9.700 version or later.
    • If you do not use Skype for business, uninstall HDX Real time pack using the uninstall wizard (add or remove programs) on Windows.

    For more information, see Knowledge Center article CTX676765. [HDX-63684]

  • In a double-hop scenario, the ALT +TAB key might not work on macOS clients. [CVADHELP-23085]
  • BCR MSI standalone is currently not supported with non-admin install. [HDX-62636]
  • If the end user machine has multiple versions of .Net installed, and .Net is upgraded for the version which is not in use by the Citrix Workspace app, the app restarts. [RFWIN-32377]
Known issues