Citrix Workspace App for Microsoft Teams

The Citrix Workspace App for Microsoft Teams allows you to access ShareFile documents and share them in Microsoft Teams in a quick and efficient manner. You can share the content in personal chats, group chats, and in channels.


Ensure that you have done the following:

  • Enable the Citrix Workspace App for Microsoft Teams in the customer accounts.
  • Have an active Citrix Cloud Account.
  • Have an active Citrix Content Collaboration Service.

Getting a Citrix Content Collaboration Service Trial

  1. Login to with your credentials.


    Refer to the Sign Up for Citrix Cloud article for step-by-step instructions to create a Citrix Cloud account.

  2. Upon authentication, on the Content Collaboration service tile, click the dropdown, and select Request Trial.

    Admin Services

  3. Select the service region that you wish to use in the GEO Location section, and acknowledge that the location can’t be changed after requesting the trial.
  4. Enter the unique subdomain in Select a subdomain and click Request Trial.

    You will receive an email once your Content Collaboration account is created.

  5. Click My Services > Manage on the Content Collaboration tile to continue to the Content Collaboration Admin Overview.

Adding Users to the Content Collaboration Service

  1. On the Citrix Content Collaboration console in Citrix Cloud, go to Users > Manage Users Home.
  2. Enter the user’s name, email address, and company information. You can also customize their password.
  3. Customize the user’s access setting and feature-based permissions in the User Access. Certain permissions are not visible or applicable, depending on the account.

    Admin User Access

  4. Assign folders to the user and add the user to Distribution Groups. You can also customize the user’s permissions to various folders on your account. To grant a user access to a folder, select the respective checkbox.

    Assign folder

  5. Send the welcome email to the new users, or opt to do so later. This email includes a link to activate their new account.
Citrix Workspace App for Microsoft Teams