Profile Management

Profile Management policies

This article describes important aspects of the policies in the .adm and .admx files.

Profile Management variables

In this version of Profile Management, the following variables are available for use in both Group Policy and the .ini file.

For policies that define files and registry entries, the following variables expand as follows:

Variable Expansion for Version 1 profiles Expansion for Version 2 profiles
!ctx_localsettings! Local Settings\Application Data AppData\Local
!ctx_roamingappdata! Application Data AppData\Roaming
!ctx_startmenu! Start Menu AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu
!ctx_internetcache! Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files
!ctx_localappdata! Local Settings\Application Data AppData\Local

For policies that are used to build paths, the \!ctx\_osbitness\! variable expands to x86 or x64 depending on the operating system. The following variables also expand:

  • !ctx_osname! expands to the short name as follows depending on the operating system.
  • !ctx_profilever! expands to the profile version as follows depending on the operating system.

The long name is written to log files when the Profile Management Service starts.

Long Name Short Name Profile Version
Windows 10 Redstone 6 Win10RS6 v6
Windows 10 Redstone 5 Win10RS5 v6
Windows 10 Redstone 4 Win10RS4 v6
Windows 10 Redstone 3 Win10RS3 v6
Windows 10 Redstone 2 Win10RS2 v6
Windows 10 Redstone 1 Win10RS1 v6
Windows 10 Win10 v5
Windows 8.1 Win8.1 v4 or v2
Windows 8 Win8 v3 or v2
Windows 7 Win7 v2
Windows Server 2019 Win2019 v6
Windows Server 2016 Win2016 v6
Windows Server 2012 R2 Win2012R2 v4 or v2
Windows Server 2012 Win2012 v3 or v2
Windows Server 2008 R2 Win2008 v1
Windows Server 2008 Win2008 v1


For Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Server 2012R2, the actual profile version might change. If the UseProfilePathExtensionVersion registry key under HLKM\System\CurrentControlset\Services\ProfSvc\Parameters is set to 1, the profile version is v3 or v4 depending on the operating system. If it is not set or is set to 0, the profile version is v2.

Policies by version

As an aid to migration, the following tables show the policies that are available in different versions of Profile Management, the location of each policy in the .adm (or .admx) file and in the .ini file, and the feature each policy is designed for (or whether it is part of the base configuration of all deployments).

The location in the .adm or .admx file is relative to Citrix > Profile Management.

Policies available from Version 1909

Policy in .adm or .admx file Location in .adm or .admx file Policy in .ini file Feature
MigrateUserStore \ MigrateUserStore Migrate UserStore
OutlookEdbBackupEnabled \AdvancedSettings OutlookEdbBackupEnabled Outlook search index database - backup and restore
ApplicationProfilesAutoMigration \AdvancedSettings ApplicationProfilesAutoMigration Automatic migration of existing application profiles

Policy available from Version 1903

Policy in .adm or .admx file Location in .adm or .admx file Policy in .ini file Feature
ProfileContainer Before Version 2009: \FileSystemSettings\FSSynchronization Version 2009 and later: \ProfileContainer ProfileContainer Profile Container

Policy available from Version 7.18

Policy in .adm or .admx file Location in .adm or .admx file Policy in .ini file Feature
OutlookSearchRoamingEnabled \AdvancedSettings OutlookSearchRoamingEnabled Outlook search roaming

Policies available from Version 7.16

Policy in .adm or .admx file Location in .adm or .admx file Policy in .ini file Feature
XenAppOptimizationSettings \XenAppOptimizationSettings XenAppOptimizationSettings CVAD application optimization
XenAppOptimizationDefinitionPath \XenAppOptimizationSettings XenAppOptimizationDefinitionPath CVAD application optimization
LargeFileHandlingList \FileSystemSettings LargeFileHandlingList Large file handling

Policies available from Version 7.15

Policy in .adm or .admx file Location in .adm or .admx file Policy in .ini file Feature
LogonExclusionCheck \FileSystemSettings LogonExclusionCheck Logon exclusion check

Policy available from Version 5.8

Policy in .adm or .admx file Location in .adm or .admx file Policy in .ini file Feature
StreamingExclusionList \PsSettings StreamingExclusionList Profile streaming exclusion list

Policies available from Version 5.6

Policy in .adm or .admx file Location in .adm or .admx file Policy in .ini file Feature
CEIPEnabled \AdvancedSettings CEIPEnabled CEIP
PSMidSessionWriteBackReg \ PSMidSessionWriteBackReg Active write back registry

Policies available from Version 5.5

Policy in .adm or .admx file Location in .adm or .admx file Policy in .ini file Feature
Default Exclusion list \Registry DefaultExclusionListRegistry Base
NTUSER.DAT \Registry LastKnownGoodRegistry Backup NTUSER.DAT
Default Exclusion list - directories \File system DefaultSyncExclusionListDir Base

Policies available from Version 5.0 to 5.4

Policy in .adm or .admx file Location in .adm or .admx file Policy in .ini file Feature
Excluded groups \ ExcludedGroups Excluded Groups
Disable automatic configuration \Advanced Settings DisableDynamicConfig Automatic Configuration
Redirect the AppData (Roaming) folder, Redirect the Desktop folder, … \Folder Redirection (in User Configuration) Note: Not applicable Integration with XenDesktop
Delay before deleting cached profiles \Profile handling ProfileDeleteDelay Base

Policies available from Version 4.x

Policy in .adm or .admx file Location in .adm or .admx file Policy in .ini file Feature
Cross-platform settings user groups \Cross-platform settings CPUserGroupList Cross-platform settings
Enable cross-platform settings \Cross-platform settings CPEnabled Cross-platform settings
Source for creating cross- platform settings \Cross-platform settings CPMigrationFromBaseProfileToCPStore Cross-platform settings
Path to cross-platform definitions \Cross-platform settings CPSchemaPath Cross-platform settings
Path to cross-platform settings store \Cross-platform settings CPPath Cross-platform settings
Offline profile support \Cross-platform settings OfflineSupport Offline profiles
Log off user if a problem is encountered \Advanced Settings LogoffRatherThanTempProfile Improved Troubleshooting

Policies available from Version 3.x

Policy in .adm or .admx file Location in .adm or .admx file Policy in .ini file Feature
Active write back \ PSMidSessionWriteBack Active profile writeback (in Version 4.0, renamed Active write back)
Folders to mirror (available from Version 3.1) \File system\Synchronization MirrorFoldersList Folder mirroring
Process Internet cookie files on logoff (available from Version 3.1) \Advanced settings ProcessCookieFiles Folder mirroring
Delete Redirected Folders (available in Versions 3.2, 3.2.2, and 4.0) \Advanced settings DeleteRedirectedFolders Support for folder redirection
Always cache \Streamed user profiles PSAlwaysCache Streamed user profiles
Profile streaming \Streamed user profiles PSEnabled Streamed user profiles
Timeout for pending area lock files \Streamed user profiles PSPendingLockTimeout Streamed user profiles
Streamed user profile groups \Streamed user profiles PSUserGroupsList Streamed user profiles

Policies available from Version 2.x

Policy in .adm or .admx file Location in .adm or .admx file Policy in .ini file Feature
Path to user store \ PathToUserStore Base
Processed groups \ ProcessedGroups Base
Local profile conflict handling \Profile handling LocalProfileConflictHandling Base
Migration of existing profiles \Profile handling MigrateWindowsProfilesToUserStore Base
Template profile \Profile handling TemplateProfilePath, TemplateProfileOverridesRoamingProfile, TemplateProfileOverridesLocalProfile Base
Delete locally cached profiles on logoff \Profile handling DeleteCachedProfilesOnLogoff Base
Directory of the MFT cache file (removed in Version 5.0) \Advanced settings USNDBPath Base
Directories to synchronize \File system\Synchronization SyncDirList Base
Exclusion list \Registry ExclusionListRegistry Base
Files to synchronize \File system\Synchronization SyncFileList Base
Inclusion list \Registry InclusionListRegistry Base
Exclusion list - directories \File system SyncExclusionListDir Base
Exclusion list - files \File system SyncExclusionListFiles Base
Number of retries when accessing locked files \Advanced settings LoadRetries Base
Process logons of local administrators \ ProcessAdmin Base
Enable Profile management \ ServiceActive Base
Enable logging \Log settings LoggingEnabled Logging
Log settings \Log settings LogLevel Logging
Maximum size of the log file \Log settings MaxLogSize Logging
Path to log file (available from Version 2.1) \Log settings PathToLogFile Logging
Profile Management policies