Profile Management

Fixed issues in 1912 LTSR

Compared to: Profile Management 1909

Profile Management 1912 LTSR contains the following fixes:

  • The Folders to mirror policy and the Exclusion list policies do not work together. The issue occurs because Profile Management does not support using the Folders to mirror policy along with either the Exclusion list – files nor the Exclusion list – directories policy. [UPM-1708]

  • With Path to user store enabled, attempts to log on to a machine might fail with the following error message: “ProcessLogon: Locking userstore area failed. The data is invalid.” The issue occurs when you specify the path to the user store in this format: C:\Users\<environment-specific strings> or C:\Users<environment-specific strings>. [UPM-1711]

  • When you use the search index in Profile Management, the event log might report multiple errors. [CVADHELP-11442]

  • If you log on to a server and then log off, the server might freeze until the message “Please wait for the Citrix Profile Management” appears. When more users log on and log off, the server might freeze more frequently and become unresponsive. As a result, you must reset the server. [CVADHELP-12351]

  • Profile Management does not cancel copy operations to the profile store after it fails to load a corrupt local profile NTUSER.DAT. Instead, Profile Management copies the corrupt registry hive to the profile store and overwrites the NTUSER.DAT file and its backup. [CVADHELP-12781]

  • Even though you add a registry path to the exclusion list, the registry path might still be saved. The issue occurs when there is a backslash (\) present at the end of the registry path. [CVADHELP-12835]

  • With the Profile streaming policy enabled in Profile Management, attempts to download a file in Internet Explorer 11 might fail. [CVADHELP-12970]

  • With active write back for registry entries enabled, the active write back policy might not work in Profile Management. The issue occurs when the timer related to active write back cannot reach the timeout value. As a result, the timeout value cannot be captured. [CVADHELP-13175]

  • The Citrix Desktop Service (BrokerAgent.exe) might exit unexpectedly and the following exception occurs until you restart the Citrix Profile Management Service:

    • System_Management_Instrumentation_ni!WmiNative.WbemProvider.WmiNative.IWbemServices.CreateInstanceEnumAsync [CVADHELP-13210]
Fixed issues in 1912 LTSR

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