Profile Management

Fixed issues in 1912 LTSR CU2

Compared to: Profile Management 1912 LTSR CU1

Profile Management 1912 LTSR CU2 contains all fixes included in the 1912 LTSR initial release, CU1, plus the following, new fixes:

  • When you add Appdata\local\temp to the Exclusion list - directories, Profile Management does not create the Appdata\local\temp folder in the user profile and runtime errors occur for some applications such as Microsoft Outlook. The issue occurs during second or subsequent logons with the Delete locally cached profiles on logoff policy enabled. [CVADHELP-14054]

  • When you log on to a session using a temporary profile, an empty user profile folder might be created under C:\Users. Profile Management deletes the temporary profile on logoff, leaving behind the empty user profile folder. [CVADHELP-14297]

  • With the Redirect the AppData(Roaming) folder redirection policy enabled, some tiles might disappear from the Start menu. The issue occurs when you log on to a Windows Server 2016 or 2019 machine running Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 1912 or earlier. [CVADHELP-14336]

  • With search index roaming for Outlook enabled for a VDA for multi-session OS using Profile Management, logons might be slow and attempts to launch published applications might fail. [CVADHELP-14610]

  • Profile Management does not synchronize the subkeys of a registry key present in the Registry inclusion list. For example, when you add Software\Citrix to the Registry inclusion list, only HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Citrix is saved in the user store. The subkeys are not stored. [CVADHELP-14815]

  • When Citrix Virtual Apps Optimization is in use, Profile Management might fail to save registry changes. The issue occurs when the path to Citrix Virtual Apps optimization definitions is not accessible or the path file is invalid. Registry changes are also not saved when the Enable Virtual Apps Optimization and the Active write back policies are enabled. [CVADHELP-15087]

  • Attempts to mount the OutlookOST.vhdx or the OutlookSearchIndex.vhdx file might fail intermittently with a 0x80070020 error. The issue occurs when you log off from a session and launch another session immediately. [CVADHELP-15145]

  • When you enable the Delete locally cached profiles on logoff policy and add the Downloads folder to the Exclusion list - directories, Profile Management does not create the Downloads folder when synchronizing profiles from the user store to the local. As a result, the File Explorer reports the error message Location is not available when you click Downloads under This PC or Quick Access. [CVADHELP-15386]

  • When you configure a user store path as a relative path to the home directory through the Migrate user store policy, Citrix Profile Management fails to migrate the user store during logons. [CVADHELP-15476]

Fixed issues in 1912 LTSR CU2

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