Profile Management 2106

Files included in the download

The following files are included in this release.

File Name Description
profilemgt_x86.msi Installer for 32-bit systems
profilemgt_x64.msi Installer for 64-bit systems
GPO\ctxprofile5.1.0.adm .adm file used in Group Policy
GPO\ctxprofile5.1.0.admx .admx file used in Group Policy
GPO\ctxprofile5.1.0.adml .adml file used with .admx file in Group Policy
welcome.html List of documentation resources
CrossPlatform*.xml Definition files for supported applications

In addition to DLLs and other files, be aware of the following files. The installer in the install location (by default, C:\Program Files\Citrix\User Profile Manager) creates these files.

File Name Description
UPMPolicyDefaults_all.ini Profile Management .ini file
UserProfileManager.exe Windows service carrying out functions on computers managed by Profile Management
Files included in the download