Profile Management 2106

Contact Citrix Technical Support

If you have checked the log file and the other troubleshooting advice in this section, and believe the problem you experience is due to Profile Management, contact Citrix Technical Support. Always include the following files and as much other information as possible:

  • All Profile Management log files (in %SystemRoot%\System32\Logfiles\UserProfileManager). Ensure that you have all the log settings activated.

    Log files from the affected machine contain at least the following information:

    • Start of the service (including the version and build number of Profile Management)
    • Reading of the configuration by the service
    • One full logon process of the affected user
    • The activity the user performed when the issue occurred
    • One full logoff process for the affected user

    Tip: Ensure that you have increased the maximum size of the log file.

  • The Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) for the machine and affected user.

  • Details of the operating system, language, and version installed on the affected system.

  • Details of Citrix products and versions installed on the system.

  • PmCompatibility.ini and UPMSettings.ini. These files are located in the root folder of each Citrix user profile in the user store.

  • If available, the Userenv debug file. Consult your Microsoft documentation for information on this tool.

  • If available, the session dump file. For more information on this Citrix tool, see To produce a session dump file.

Contact Citrix Technical Support