Profile Management 2106

Scenario 4 - The traveling user

“When my staff roam between different offices, I want their preferred NUS to change, so that they’re still using a geographically adjacent NUS.”

The difficulty with this scenario is that a user’s logon session might be aggregated from multiple locations. They typically roam their desktop session from one site to another. But many of their applications are hosted on back-end servers that have no awareness of the current location of the user’s desktop.

Furthermore, the user might reconnect to disconnected sessions, probably hosted at their home location. If the sessions were for some reason forced to switch to an NUS in the user’s new location, their performance degrades.

For travelers who hot-desk, using the Profile streaming and Always cache settings is the best option. With a fixed machine, they still log on quickly, using Citrix streamed user profiles. Enabling Always cache loads the remainder of the profile in the background.

Scenario 4 - The traveling user