Profile Management 2106

What’s new

What’s new in 2106

This release includes the following new features and enhancements. It also addresses several issues that help to improve overall performance and stability.

Windows Server 2022 support

The Citrix components and technologies in this release that support Windows Server platforms now also support Windows Server 2022, unless otherwise noted. For more information, see Windows Server 2022 support.

Replicate user stores

We have added a feature to let you replicate a user store to multiple paths upon each logon and logoff - in addition to the path that the Path to user store policy specifies. The feature is implemented through the Replicate user stores policy. To synchronize to the user stores files and folders modified during a session, enable active write back. This feature does not currently support full container solutions. Enabling the policy can increase system I/O and might prolong logoffs. For more information, see Replicate user stores.

Enable credential-based access to user stores

By default, Citrix Profile Management impersonates the current user to access user stores. Therefore, it requires the current user to have permission to directly access the user stores. Enable this feature if you do not want Profile Management to impersonate the current user when accessing user stores. You can put user stores in storage repositories (for example, Azure Files) that the current user has no permission to access.

To ensure that Profile Management can access user stores, save the profile storage server’s credentials in Workspace Environment Management (WEM) or Windows Credential Manager. We recommend that you use Workspace Environment Management to eliminate the need of configuring the same credentials for each machine where Profile Management runs. If you use Windows Credential Manager, use the Local System account to securely save the credentials.


To ensure that NTFS permissions are retained, you must put the entire profile in a profile container.

For more information, see Enable credential-based access to user stores.

Accelerate folder mirroring

We have added a feature to accelerate folder mirroring. With both the Accelerate folder mirroring and the Folders to mirror policies enabled, Profile Management stores mirrored folders on a VHDX-based virtual disk. It attaches the virtual disk during logons and detaches it during logoffs, thus eliminating the need to copy the folders between the user store and local profiles.

Accelerate folder mirroring

What’s new