Profile Management 2106

Fixed issues

Profile Management 2106 contains the following fixed issues compared to Profile Management 2103:

  • When using Citrix Profile Management version 2009 or later and with the Enable search index roaming for Outlook policy enabled, the Outlook search index might fail after a second login. As a result, the Outlook search fails. [CVADHELP-16499]

  • With Citrix Profile Management installed, redirected folders might be recreated under the local user profile. [CVADHELP-16861]

  • When you change settings in the Group Policy Object, the previous policy settings on the VDI might not cancel in the user registry. The issue occurs if the registry is offline when you cancel the policy settings. [CVADHELP-17358]

  • Attempts to reset a user profile might fail when its profile container is set to *. [CVADHELP-17389]

Fixed issues