Profile Management 2106

Operating systems and applications supported by cross-platform settings

This article describes the applications and operating systems (OSs) supported by the cross-platform settings feature in this release of Profile Management.

About definition files

Definition files contain common personalizations for selected Windows applications. Each file and the definitions within it allow users to connect to the same application on multiple OSs, presenting essentially identical profiles on each platform. For example, users might access two instances of Microsoft Office. One is installed on a Windows 7 virtual desktop and the other is published with Citrix Virtual Apps on Windows Server 2003. Whichever instance is accessed, users’ experience of Office is consistent.

Preconfigured definition files are a key aspect of the cross-platform settings feature. There is a definition file for each supported application. Definition files are in an XML format.

Important: Without a thorough analysis of an application’s behavior across all OSs and a full understanding of this feature’s operation, editing of definition files can result in unexpected changes to users’ profiles that can be difficult to troubleshoot. For this reason, Citrix does not support the editing of the supplied definition files or the creation of new ones. In addition, some application settings cannot be duplicated across OSs due to the nature of Windows user profiles.

In addition note that, although this feature is suitable for registry and application settings, it is not suitable for files or folders, or objects typically used with folder redirection (for example, browser favorites, and desktop and Start menu settings).

Supported operating systems

You can roam profiles between any of the supported single-session OSs, and between any of the supported multi-session OSs.

The following are supported (x86 and x64 versions as applicable):

  • Single-session OSs. Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.
  • Multi-session OSs. Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Supported Citrix products

The cross-platform settings feature supports the following Citrix products:

  • XenApp 5 Feature Pack for Windows Server 2003 and later
  • XenDesktop 4 and later

Supported applications

The following definition files are available in this release. The XML file name indicates the supported application and versions.

  • Internet Explorer 7 Plus.xml. This file supports the roaming of Versions 7, 8, and 9 of Internet Explorer (except favorites) across platforms. The roaming of favorites and feeds is not supported.
  • Office 2007.xml.
  • Office 2010.xml.
  • Wallpaper.xml. This file supports the roaming of desktop wallpaper across platforms. The roaming of themes across platforms is not supported.

Important: Use the definition files for each application only in the preceding supported scenarios. For example, Internet Explorer 7 Plus.xml roams settings between multiple versions of that browser. But you cannot use Office 2007.xml or Office 2010.xml to roam settings between versions of Office.

Operating systems and applications supported by cross-platform settings