Install the Server component

This installation procedure is for new Citrix Provisioning implementations. For upgrade tasks, see Upgrade. The software can also be installed silently, see Running the configuration wizard silently.

Install any Windows service packs, drivers, and updates before installing the Citrix Provisioning software.


When installing Citrix Provisioning software on a server that has previous versions of .NET installed, Citrix recommends rebooting if prompted to do so during the .NET installation.

  1. Click the appropriate platform-specific install option. The Citrix Provisioning Welcome window appears.
  2. Click Next. The Product License Agreement appears.
  3. Scroll to the end to accept the terms in the license agreement, then click Next to continue. The Customer Information dialog appears.
  4. Optionally, type or select your user name and organization name in the appropriate text boxes, then click Next. The Destination Folder dialog appears.
  5. Click Change. Enter the folder name or navigate to the appropriate folder where the software is installed. Or, click Next to install Citrix Provisioning to the default folder. The Setup Type dialog appears.
  6. Select the appropriate radio button:
    • Complete - Installs all components and options on this computer (default).
    • Custom - Choose which components to install and where to install those components.


      Installing the network boot services does not activate them. If you are uncertain about the need for any of these services, choose the Complete installation option.

  7. Click Next.
  8. If you select Complete, the Ready to Install the Program dialog appears. If you selected Custom, the Custom Setup dialog appears. This dialog provides a Feature Description text box that provides a description for the selected component in addition to the space required to install that component.
    • Expand each component icon and select how that component is to be installed.
    • After making component selections, click Next. The Ready to Install the Program dialog appears. Or, click Cancel to close the wizard without making system modifications.
  9. On the Ready to Install the Program dialog, click Install to continue with the installation process. The installation takes several minutes.
  10. The Installation Wizard Completed message displays in the dialog when the components and options are successfully installed. Note: The Installation Wizard can be rerun to install more components later, or rerun on a different computer to install select components on a separate computer.
  11. Click Finish to exit the Installation Wizard. The Citrix Provisioning Configuration Wizard automatically opens.


Although Citrix Provisioning does not require a server restart after installing the software, in some instances, a Microsoft message appears to request a restart. When this message appears, configure the farm using the Configuration Wizard, before restarting the server. If this message appears and the server is not restarted, the removeable drive does not appear.

Adding more Citrix Provisioning servers

To add more Citrix Provisioning servers, install the software on each server that is a member of the farm. Run the Installation Wizard, then the Configuration Wizard on each server.


The maximum length for the server name is 15 characters. Do not enter the FQDN for the server name.

When the Configuration Wizard prompts for the site to add the server to, choose an existing site or create a site.

After adding servers to the site, start the Citrix Provisioning console and connect to the farm. Verify that all sites and servers display appropriately in the Console window.