Product Documentation

Known issues

Apr 11, 2018

The following issues are known at this release:

  • Provisioning Services supports Windows 10 Fall Creator v1709 with the following known issues:
    • Target device uninstallation hangs on Windows 10 v1709. To resolve this issue, use the in-place upgrade for the target device. [LCM-3219]
    • Windows 10 32 bit v1709 cannot boot from a vDisk in private image mode. [LCM-3224]
  • After performing a silent install of a PVS client, subsequent upgrades using the Upgrade Wizard fail because the client fails to reboot. 


  • Existing Provisioning Services target devices cannot be added to an already existing XenDesktop catalog using the Machine Creation Services catalog in Studio.. However, new PVS target devices created using the XenDesktop Setup Wizard can be added to the existing XenDesktop catalog from the PVS server.