Product Documentation

Known issues

Jan 18, 2018

The following issues are known at this release:

  • Provisioning Services supports Windows 10 Fall Creator v1709 with the following known issues:
    • Target device installation hangs on Windows 10 v1709. To resolve this issue, use the in-place upgrade. [LCM-3219]
    • Windows 10 32 bit v1709 cannot boot from a vDisk in private image mode. [LCM-3224]
  • PVS upgrade Wizard stops after successfully installing new target device software.


  • Merging updates with a vDisk contained in a ReFS store creates an unbootable version. To resolve this issue, merge with the base disk image.


  • In some cases you may be unable to create a machine catalog with an on-premise PVS server. This issue occurs when you try to create a PVS machine catalog from Studio when a PVS machine (from the on-premise PVS server) does not have an AD account associated with it. To resolve the issue, when creating a PVS machine catalog using Citrix Cloud Studio and DDC:
  1. Connect to an on-premise PVS server.
  2. Select a PVS collection.
  3. Import the machines from that collection into a XenDesktop machine catalog. Note: The PVS machines must have AD accounts associated with them.


  • When installing Provisioning Services on a target device, an error message may appear indicating that the installation failed. This issue could occur when a previous VDA version was installed before the Provisioning Services target device software. The installation succeeds despite this error condition. To resolve this issue, Citrix recommends that you install Provisioning Services on the target device first.