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What’s new

This release includes a connector for Citrix Cloud along with supporting license improvements, an update to Always on Tracing (AOT) functionality, and Nutanix AHV host updates. See the fixed and known issues for additional information about this release of Provisioning Services.


Use the most recent version of the Citrix License Server to get the latest features. If you are upgrading from an existing version of Provisioning Services to the newest version of Provisioning Services, the most recent version of the license server is available by using the product software. When you do not upgrade to the latest version of the license server, the product license enters the 30-day grace period. For more information, see Licensing.

New license type for Citrix Cloud

This release introduces a new license type (PVS_CCLD_CCS) allowing the Citrix Cloud Delivery Controller to manage on-premises targets streamed by a on-premises PVS Server. This license type is applicable to both desktop and server operating systems that service Provisioning Services target devices. It replaces the existing on-premises Provisioning Services license for Desktops and PVS for data centers. For information, see Licensing.

Always on Tracing

This release provides an update to Always on Tracing (AOT) functionality. In previous releases, AOT logs were stored in the memory of the PVS Server. In the event of a crash, the Server would lose these log files. To resolve this issue, PVS now allows you to store AOT logs directly to disk. The PVS administrator can use a PowerShell command (Enable-CitrixTrace) on the PVS Server to configure this functionality. By default, this functionality is enabled. For more information, see Logging.

Nutanix AHV host updates

When a Nutanix AHV host is added manually through the Virtual Host Connection Wizard, it doesn’t have enough information to communicate with the Nutanix AHV hosting unit. This occurs because this information is provided by the XenDesktop Delivery Controller, while the Virtual Host Connection Wizard doesn’t connect to the XenDesktop Delivery Controller. In this release, PVS disables the “Verify Connection” button for the manually created Nutanix AHV Host. PVS only supports Nutanix in a XenDesktop environment, using the Xendesktop setup wizard. For more information, see Deploying virtual desktops to VMs using the XenDesktop Setup Wizard.

How do I?

Use the How Do I? pages in the Citrix Knowledge Center for additional information related to configuration, networking, antivirus or hypervisor related procedures. These pages are purpose-built to help resolve problems arising from the use of Provisioning Services.

What’s new