What’s new

This release of Citrix Provisioning includes the enhancements described in the following sections. It also includes several fixes for issues seen in past releases, and new issues that we’ve identified.

Support for Microsoft SQL 2019

Citrix Provisioning adds support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019.

Removed support for 32-bit Provisioning Console

This release of Citrix Provisioning removes support for 32-bit consoles. As a result, 32-bit snap-ins are no longer provided.

Changes to terminology to improve the user experience

Citrix Provisioning components, the Console, and configuration wizards, now emulate the verbiage found in Studio. This improvement makes terminology consistent among Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops components. The terms desktop operating system and server operating system are now single-session operating system and multi-session operating system. The Citrix Provisioning Console and configuration wizards now reflect this consistent terminology.

How do I?

Use the How Do I? page in the Citrix Knowledge Center for additional information related to configuration, networking, antivirus, or hypervisor related procedures. These pages are purpose-built to help resolve problems arising from the use of Citrix Provisioning.