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Known issues

Nov 01, 2017

Known issues in Citrix Receiver for HTML5 2.2

  • The app switcher taskbar might not be present when launching an application session in any supported browser on a Linux VDA running on Cent OS.


  • When a new application is launched from StoreFront, session sharing might not work with a published application on a Linux VDA.


Known issues in Citrix Receiver for HTML5 2.1

  • Environments with multiple VM hosted apps on the same machine are not supported on mobile Chrome devices and Edge browsers.


Known issues in Citrix Receiver for HTML5 2.0

  • A session may exit unexpectedly while copying and pasting a large amount of data inside a session. Citrix recommends copying less than 10 MB of data when using the clipboard.


  • Log files are not created in Edge browser. Changes made to local storage from one tab in Edge Browser is not reflected in other tabs that are already open. To resolve this issue, restart the browser.


  • Citrix Receiver for HTML5 does not support cross language keyboard.


  • In some rare instances, a session might display a white screen on touch devices.


  • The virtual keyboard fails to pop up again when a user invokes it after manually closing it.


  • When using the Chrome browser on a hybrid platform, using a three finger tap fails to invoke the virtual keyboard.


  • The virtual keyboard fails to display on Edge and Firebox browsers run on a hybrid device. On Edge browsers, 3 finger tapping fails but the keyboard can be invoked with the keyboard button in the toolbar, or by using the floating auto keyboard button.


  • In some cases, panning up/down is not smooth and left/right panning fails to work when running a session in FireFox on a hybrid device. At this release, Citrix Receiver for HTML5 does not support mobility on FireFox running on hybrid devices.


  • In some cases, the auto hide feature is not functioning for mobile devices.


  • Invoking a virtual keyboard in an Edge Browser of a hybrid device in tablet made erroneously resizes the session.


  • In some situations, the toolbar may not reposition properly on the screen when launching a session in an external monitor.


  • The Show Scroll Bars option is set to ‘Always’ in MAC Preferences; use Scroll Session if the display resolution is more than the device’s pixel ratio in the Safari browser.

  • On a Continuum device, Citrix recommends that you launch a session in the mobile device and extend it to an external monitor.

  • Citrix recommends that you use the VDA’s suggested display resolution for a better user experience in a mobile platform.

  • Launching multiple instances of the same application does not group them together; a new taskbar entry is created for each instance.

  • There is no option to disable the client side app switcher.