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Connection issues

Feb 10, 2015

You may encounter the following connection issues.

I cannot connect properly to a published resource or desktop session

If, when establishing a connection to a Windows server, a dialog box appears with the message “Connecting to server…” but no subsequent connection window appears, you may need to configure the server with a Client Access License (CAL). For more information about licensing, see Licensing Your Product.

I sometimes fail to connect when I try reconnecting to sessions

Sometimes reconnecting to a session with a higher color depth than that requested by Receiver causes the connection to fail. This is due to a lack of available memory on the server. If the reconnection fails, Receiver will try to use the original color depth. Otherwise, the server will try to start a new session with the requested color depth, leaving the original session in a disconnected state. However, the second connection may also fail if there is still a lack of available memory on the server.

I cannot connect to a server using its full Internet name

Citrix recommends that you configure DNS (Domain Name Server) on your network to enable you to resolve the names of servers to which you want to connect. If you do not have DNS configured, it may not be possible to resolve the server name to an IP address. Alternatively, you can specify the server by its IP address, rather than by its name, but note that TLS connections require a fully qualified domain name, not an IP address.

I get a “Proxy detection failure” error message when connecting

If your connection is configured to use automatic proxy detection and you see a “Proxy detection failure: Javascript error” error message when trying to connect, copy the wpad.dat file into $ICAROOT/util. Run the following command, where hostname is the hostname of the server to which you are trying to connect:

cat wpad.dat | ./pacexec pac.js FindProxyForURL http://hostname hostname 2>&1 | grep “undeclared variable”

If you get no output, there is a serious issue with the wpad.dat file on the server that you need to investigate. However, if you see output such as “assignment to undeclared variable ...” you can fix the problem. Open pac.js and for each variable listed in the output, add a line at the top of the file in the following format, where “...” is the variable name.

var ...;

Sessions are very slow to start

If a session does not start until you move the mouse, there may be a problem with random number generation in the Linux kernel. To work around this, run an entropy-generating daemon such as rngd (which is hardware-based) or haveged (from Magic Software).

I want to configure a serial port setting

To configure a single serial port, add the following entries in the $ICAROOT/config/module.ini configuration file:


To configure two or more serial ports, add the following entries in the $ICAROOT/config/module.ini configuration file: