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Enable smart card support

Sep 25, 2013

This topic applies only to deployments using Web Interface. Smart card authentication is not supported in Receiver for Linux deployments using StoreFront.

Receiver for Linux provides support for a number of smart card readers. If smart card support is enabled for both the server and Receiver, you can use smart cards for the following purposes:

  • Smart card logon authentication. Use smart cards to authenticate users to Citrix XenApp servers.
  • Smart card application support. Enable smart card-aware published applications to access local smart card devices.

Smart card data is security-sensitive and should be transmitted over a secure authenticated channel such as SSL/TLS.

Smart card support has the following prerequisites:

  • Your smart card readers and published applications must be PC/SC industry standard compliant
  • You must install the appropriate driver for your smart card reader
  • You must install the PC/SC Lite package (including the Resource Manager daemon and shared library), available for download from
Important: If you are using the SunRay terminal with SunRay server software Version 2.0 or above, you must install the PC/SC SRCOM bypass package, available for download from

For more information on configuring smart card support on your servers, see the XenDesktop and XenApp documentation.