Uninstall Citrix Receiver for Linux

This procedure has been tested with the tarball package. Remove the RPM and Debian packages using your operating system’s standard tools.

The environment variable ICAROOT must be set to the installation directory of the client. The default directory for non-privileged user installations is $HOME/ICAClient/platform. The platform variable is a system-generated identifier for the installed operating system. For example, $HOME/ICAClient/linuxx86 for the Linux/x86 platform. Privileged user installation defaults to /opt/Citrix/ICAClient.

  1. Run the setup program by typing $ICAROOT/setupwfc and press Enter.
  2. To remove the client, type 2 and press Enter.


To uninstall Citrix Receiver for Linux, you must be logged in as the same user who performed the installation.

Uninstall Citrix Receiver for Linux