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What's new in 12.8.1

Jan 17, 2018

Citrix Receiver 12.8.1 for Mac is a maintenance release to address customer reported issues.

What's new in 12.8

Major performance improvements to the HDX 3D Pro experience

Citrix Receiver for Mac is now on par with Citrix Receiver for Windows in terms of performance with HDX 3D Pro. The performance improvements are attributed to the changes in threading architecture, fine-tuning of the Thinwire graphics pipeline for heavy graphics workloads, especially for HDX 3D Pro, and CPU usage optimization. Improvements can be seen across all XenApp and XenDesktop sessions.

HDX Insight improvement

HDX Insight is the integration of NetScaler Network Inspector and Performance Manager with Director. It captures data about ICA traffic and provides a dashboard view of real time and historical details. This release incorporates an uncompressed HDX Insight virtual channel (NSAP) exclusively dedicated to sending data points. The NetScaler device between the server and the most recent version of Citrix Receiver for Windows or Mac extracts the data points. The device then forwards the data to the HDX Insight tool.

Enhancement to adaptive transport

In earlier releases, when HDXoverUDP is set to Preferred, data transport over EDT is used when possible, with fallback to TCP.

Starting with this release and with session reliability enabled, EDT and TCP are attempted in parallel during initial connection, session reliability reconnection, and auto client reconnect. This enhancement reduces connection times when EDT is preferred but TCP needs to be used because the required underlying UDP transport is unavailable.

By default, after fallback to TCP, adaptive transport continues to seek EDT every 5 minutes.

Keyboard layout synchronization

Starting with this release, Citrix Receiver for Mac provides dynamic synchronization of the keyboard layout from the client to the VDA in a session. This enables users to switch among preferred keyboard layouts on the client device, providing a consistent user experience when, for example, switching the keyboard layout from English to Spanish. When users switch layouts, they briefly see a message while the synchronization is in progress. They can then continue working with the new keyboard layout.

For more information on configuring keyboard layout, see Keyboard layout.

Enhanced client IME experience

Starting with this release, Citrix Receiver for Mac provides a better user experience with regards to client IME input.

Using this feature, users can see two improvements in client IME input:

  • The candidate window with the list of composing characters always appears beside the insertion point rather than in the previous left-bottom corner location;
  • The composed characters shown in the VDA are marked so that users do not confuse them with the determined characters.

This feature is dependent on the keyboard layout synchronization feature.

For more information on configuring this client IME enhancement, see Enhanced client IME.

Enhancement to support mouse cursor movement during screen sharing

When launching applications like GoToMeeting or WebEx in an ICA seamless session, the presenter can now give control to the attendee and see the mouse cursor when the attendee is moving the mouse.


COM port redirection has been deprecated in this release. This option is disabled by default.