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Using the Window Manager when Connecting to Citrix XenApp for UNIX

May 08, 2015

This topic does not apply to XenDesktop connections.

You can use the window manager to change the session display when connecting to published resources on XenApp servers for UNIX. With the window manager, users can minimize, resize, position, and close windows, as well as access full screen mode.

About Seamless Windows

In seamless window mode, published applications and desktops are not contained within a session window. Each published application and desktop appears in its own resizable window, as if it is physically installed on the user device. Users can switch between published applications and the local desktop.

You can also display seamless windows in “full screen” mode, which places the published application in a full screen-sized desktop. This mode lets you access the ctxwm menu system.

To switch between seamless and full screen modes

Press SHIFT+F2 to switch between seamless and full screen modes.

Minimizing, Resizing, Positioning, and Closing Windows

When users connect to published resources, window manager provides buttons to minimize, resize, position, and close windows. Windows are minimized as buttons on the taskbar.

When the user closes the last application in a session, the session is logged off automatically after twenty seconds.

Terminating and Disconnecting Sessions

This topic does not apply to XenDesktop connections.

In remote desktop and seamless full screen windows, you can use the ctxwm menu system to log off, disconnect, and exit from published applications and connection sessions.

To access the ctxwm menu system

Drag the pointer over the required option to select it. Release the mouse button to select the option.

To Choose
Terminate the connection and all running applications Logoff
Disconnect the session but leave the application running Disconnect
Disconnect the session and terminate the application Exit
Note: The server can be configured to terminate any applications that are running if a session is disconnected.