Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.9 LTSR

Connect with Secure Gateway

This topic applies only to deployments using the Web Interface.

You can use the Secure Gateway in either Normal mode or Relay mode to provide a secure channel for communication between Citrix Receiver for Windows and the server. No Citrix Receiver for Windows configuration is required if you are using the Secure Gateway in Normal mode and users are connecting through the Web Interface.

Citrix Receiver for Windows uses settings that are configured remotely on the server running the Web Interface to connect to servers running the Secure Gateway. See the topics for the Web Interface for information about configuring proxy server settings for Citrix Receiver for Windows.

For more information about configuring proxy server settings, see Web Interface documentation.

If the Secure Gateway Proxy is installed on a server in the secure network, you can use the Secure Gateway Proxy in Relay mode.

If you are using Relay mode, the Secure Gateway server functions as a proxy and you must configure Citrix Receiver for Windows to use:

  • The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the Secure Gateway server.
  • The port number of the Secure Gateway server. Note that Relay mode is not supported by Secure Gateway Version 2.0.

The FQDN must list, in sequence, the following three components:

  • Host name
  • Intermediate domain
  • op-level domain

For example: is an FQDN, because it lists, in sequence, a host name (my_computer), an intermediate domain (my_company), and a top-level domain (com). The combination of intermediate and top-level domain ( is generally referred to as the domain name.

Connect with Secure Gateway