Session Recording

What’s new

What’s new in 2203 LTSR

This release includes the following new features and enhancements:

Monitoring popup window events

When users open or close a confidential file or access a folder, a popup window might appear, showing a prompt or asking for a password. Session Recording can now monitor such popup window events while recording sessions. Popup windows in web browsers are not monitored. For more information, see Configure event detection policies.

Responses configurable for more event types

You can now specify how to respond when the following session events are detected:

  • File transfers between session hosts (VDAs) and client devices
  • Windows registry modifications
  • User account modifications
  • App failures
  • App installs and uninstalls
  • RDP connections
  • Clipboard activities
  • Popup window events
  • Performance data (data points related to the recorded session)

For more information, see Configure event response policies.

Configurable time span for screen recording before a session event is detected

When you specify events to trigger dynamic screen recording, you can configure the amount of time of the screen recording you want to keep before events are detected. The actual length of the screen recording that Session Recording keeps might be a little longer than your configuration.

This feature is available only for virtual desktop sessions. For more information, see Configure event response policies.

What’s new