Specify players for a site


You can now specify either the cloud player, on-premises players, or both to play the recordings of a site. By default, both the cloud player and on-premises players are selected.


This feature is available for Session Recording server 2308 and later only.

The on-premises players include the Session Recording player (Windows) and the Session Recording web player.


To specify players available to play the recordings of a site, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Configuration > Server Management from the left navigation of the Session Recording service.
  2. Click Settings for the target site. The Site settings page appears.

    Clicking site settings

  3. On the Site settings page, select the Playback menu. The player selection page appears. By default, both options are selected.

    Player selection page

  4. Select at least one option as needed and then click Apply changes.For example, select only the on-premises players:

    Selecting the on-premises players

What if a player is disabled (not selected)

  • If the cloud player is disabled for recording playback of a site, the play button for recordings from the site is unavailable with a tooltip on hover.

    What if the cloud player is disabled

  • If the on-premises players are disabled for recording playback of a site, you are prompted when selecting recordings the site. The prompt message reads “Recording playback has been disabled for this server in the current player.” For an example of the prompt message in the on-premises Session Recording web player:

    On-premises web player is disabled

    Meanwhile, if any recording of the site was shared as a link earlier, the Playback unavailable message appears when the viewer opens the link to access the recording.

Specify players for a site