Reset a server to factory defaults

In some situations, there is a need to reset a StoreFront installation to its initial installation state. This is necessary, for example, before you can re-add a StoreFront server to a server group.

A manual uninstall and reinstall can be performed, but this is more time consuming and may cause other unforeseen issues. Instead you can run the Clear-STFDeployment PowerShell cmdlet to reset a StoreFront server to a factory default state.

  1. Ensure that the StoreFront management console is closed.
  2. Open the PowerShell ISE and select Run as Administrator.
  3. Set the PowerShell path:

    $env:PSModulePath = [Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable('PSModulePath','Machine')
  4. Import the Citrix StoreFront module.

    Import-Module citrix.storefront -verbose
  5. After the module is imported, run the Clear-STFDeployment command to reset the StoreFront server to the default settings:

    Clear-STFDeployment -Confirm $False
  6. When the command has completed successfully, open the StoreFront management console and confirm that all settings are reset. The options to Create a new deployment or Join existing server group are available.

    Screenshot of Welcome to StoreFront

Reset a server to factory defaults

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