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StoreFront 1912 LTSR

Cumulative Update 7 (CU7) is the most recent update to StoreFront 1912 LTSR.

Categories view for Unified user experience

In the collapsed mode of the Categories section, uncategorized apps are no longer placed in the Uncategorized folder. Instead, they appear directly under the first layer of the category folders. With this feature, you have faster access to the applications and an enhanced user experience.

To enable these settings, do the following steps:

  1. Go to Manage Receiver for Web sites > Configure > Categories Settings.
  2. Select the Collapsed section of the Category view.
  3. Select the Move uncategorized apps into an Uncategorized folder checkbox.

    Categories view

Upload StoreFront identity to broker via a header

With this feature, you can determine if specific calls are received from Delivery Controller Monitors on Citrix Gateway, or the Advanced Health Check feature on the StoreFront store. This information helps provide alerts to administrators on common misconfiguration.

Administrators can disable this feature by using the following PowerShell script on a StoreFront server: Add-STFFeatureState -Name "Citrix.StoreFront.Wing.UploadServerIdentity" -IsEnabled $False

What’s new