Cumulative Update 4 (CU4)

Release date: November 16, 2023

Citrix Workspace app for HTML5

This release includes Citrix Workspace app for HTML5 2310.

Fixed issues in 2203 LTSR CU4 Cumulative Update 4 (CU4) Update 1

  • Attempt to start resources or app enumeration might fail when you upgrade StoreFront to version 2203 LTSR CU4. [CVADHELP-24175]
  • This fix addresses a security vulnerability in an underlying component. For more information, see CTX583759. [CVADHELP-23724]

Fixed issues in 2203 LTSR Cumulative Update 4 (CU4)

StoreFront 2203 LTSR CU4 contains all fixes included in CU3, plus the following, new fixes:

  • The new applications might launch using HTML5 instead of the native Workspace app when the user’s preference for the launch method is the native Workspace app. [CVADHELP-22435]

  • This fix corrects the typo appearing in the German language error message. [CVADHELP-23088]

  • When you start a desktop session using on-premises deployments, Citrix Workspace app UI might display positive launch status messages. However, within no time the UI displays the following error message:

    <Desktop name> cannot start the Desktop

    The issue occurs when Citrix Workspace app for HTML5 tries to access a desktop that is in a powered-off state. Citrix Workspace app waits till the desktop is powered on instead of displaying the error dialog. [CVADHELP-23140]

  • App enumeration on StoreFront servers might fail intermittently. [CVADHELP-23196]

  • Citrix Workspace app for Mac might freeze after waking up from Sleep mode when connected to a StoreFront Store. [CVADHELP-23217]

  • A race condition can cause the Citrix Subscriptions Store service to exit unexpectedly on the StoreFront server with warning messages. [CVADHELP-23326]

Cumulative Update 4 (CU4)