Design Guides

Design guides provide useful information on advanced concepts for Citrix offerings. They walk through some items to consider and provide a deeper look into some of the more advanced capabilities of the Citrix offerings.

Citrix Networking

Service Migration to Citrix ADC using Routes in OpenShift Validated Reference Design - Learn how to migrate services without disruption.

VRD Use Case – Using Citrix ADC Dynamic Routing with Kubernetes: Acme Inc. Route Health Injection and BGP integration for Kubernetes Applications - Using route health injection on Citrix ADC, Acme Inc. and Citrix implemented a solution that provides redundancy for Kubernetes services that are accessed via the existing BGP + ECMP routing fabric. Acme Inc. is a long-time Citrix customer that has a large Citrix ADC footprint. Citrix ADC serves as the main load balancing and business continuity solution for critical Kubernetes applications. Acme Inc. currently has three main data centers.

Citrix Cloud Native Networking for Red Hat OpenShift 3.11 Validated Reference Design - The Citrix ADC Stack fulfills basic requirements for application availability features (ADC), security features segregation (WAF), scaling of agile application topologies (SSL and GSLB), and proactive observability (Service Graph) into a highly orchestrated, Cloud Native Era, environment. This validated reference design guides you through deployment of Citrix Cloud Native Networking for Red Hat OpenShift 3.11.

Citrix ADC CPX, Citrix Ingress Controller, and Application Delivery Management on Google Cloud - Citrix product overview for Google Cloud’s Kubernetes architecture and components.

Citrix ADC Pooled Capacity Validated Reference Design - Citrix ADC pooled capacity is a licensing framework that comprises a bandwidth pool and a virtual instance pool that is hosted on and served by Citrix Application Delivery Management.

Citrix ADC CPX in Kubernetes with Diamanti and Nirmata Validated Reference Design - Citrix ADC is an application delivery controller that performs application-specific traffic analysis to intelligently distribute, optimize, and secure Layer 4-Layer 7 (L4–L7) network traffic for web applications. Its feature set can be broadly consisting of switching, security and protection, and server-farm optimization features.

Citrix ADC SSL Profiles Validated Reference Design - Use an SSL profile to specify how a Citrix ADC processes SSL traffic. The profile is a collection of SSL parameter settings for SSL entities, such as virtual servers, services, and service groups, and offers ease of configuration and flexibility. You are not limited to configuring only one set of global parameters. You can create multiple sets (profiles) of global parameters and assign different sets to different SSL entities.

Citrix ADC and Amazon Web Services Validated Reference Design - Citrix Networking VPX is available as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) in AWS marketplace. Citrix Networking VPX on AWS enables customers to leverage AWS Cloud computing capabilities and use Citrix ADC load balancing and traffic management features for their business needs. Citrix ADC on AWS supports all the traffic management features of a physical Citrix ADC appliance. Citrix ADC instances running in AWS can be deployed as standalone instances or in HA pairs.

Citrix ADC Admin Partitions Validated Reference Design - Citrix ADC Admin Partitions enables multi-tenancy at the software level in a single Citrix ADC instance. Each partition has its own control plane and network plane. This document covers the typical use cases in detail that are enabled by Admin Partitions and guidelines for using Admin Partitions in customer environment.

Citrix Gateway SaaS and O365 Cloud Validated Reference Design - Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model to deliver software remotely as a web-based service. Commonly used SaaS apps including Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions. SaaS apps can now be accessed using Citrix Workspace using Citrix Gateway service. The Citrix Gateway service coupled with Citrix Workspace provides a unified user experience for the configured SaaS apps, configured virtual apps, or any other workspace resources. SaaS apps delivery using Citrix Gateway service provides you an easy, secure, robust, and scalable solution to manage the apps.

Citrix Gateway Service SSO with Access Control Validated Reference Design - Using the Access Control service, administrators can provide a cohesive experience that integrates single sign-on, remote access, and content inspection into a single solution for end-to-end access control. IT administrators can govern access to approved SaaS apps with a simplified single sign-on experience. With the Access Control service, administrators can also protect the organization’s network and end user devices from malware and data leaks by filtering access to specific websites and website categories. Administrators can enforce enhanced access security policies for secure access to SaaS applications. Once authenticated, employees have access to all critical business applications from any device irrespective of whether they are in the office premises, at home, or traveling.

Design Guides