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What’s new in 2006

Workspace Environment Management 2006 includes the following new features. For information about bug fixes, see Fixed issues.

Enhancements to Group Policy Object (GPO) migration

This release makes further enhancements to GPO migration. Different from the Migrate wizard, which lets you migrate only Group Policy Preferences (GPP), you can now also import Group Policy settings (registry-based settings) into WEM. After importing the settings, you can have an itemized view of the settings associated with each GPO before you decide which GPO to assign. You can assign the GPO to different users or user groups. To import Group Policy settings, navigate to Administration Console > Actions > Group Policy Settings, select Enable Group Policy Settings Processing, and then click Import to open the import wizard. For more information, see Group Policy Settings.

Administration console

The administration console user interface has changed:

  • In Actions, there is a new Group Policy Settings pane. In the pane, there is a Group Policy Settings tab for you to configure Group Policy settings.
What’s new

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