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Sep 29, 2017

For information about upgrading, see Upgrade a deployment.

What's new in Workspace Environment Management 4.4

Workspace Environment Management 4.4 includes the following new features. For information about bug fixes, see Fixed issues.

Data analytics

From this release, the Workspace Environment Management infrastructure service sends anonymous usage data to Google Analytics. For more information, and for opt-out instructions, see Infrastructure services.

Profile Management

From this release, Workspace Environment Management supports Citrix Profile Management 7.15. The following new options are now available in the administration console:

  • Enable Logon Exclusion Check (options controlling file system exclusions)
  • Enable Profile Streaming Exclusion List - Directories (option controlling user profile streaming)

Database maintenance

In the Infrastructure Services Configuration utility, the Database Maintenance tab has a new option Agent registrations retention period. This allows agent registration logs to be deleted after a set time, which reduces the size of the database. It also reduces lag in populating the Registrations tab in the administration console.

User interface

The following changes are made to the administration console user interface:

  • A new Security tab is introduced to contain settings controlling end-user activity.
  • The Process Management controls have been moved to the new Security tab.


At this release, Workspace Environment Management documentation is updated to reflect current product behavior. The documentation has also been remodeled as a single "versionless" documentation set describing the “current release.” This approach reduces duplication in the online documentation set, gives more focused search results, and is better suited to agile release processes. Associated changes include:

  • A top level "current release" article contains links to previous documentation sets in PDF format only. (HTML documentation for previous releases is no longer provided.)
  • "What's new" summarizes the new functionality at the current release, and in previous releases.
  • A new "Reference" section gathers reference information in one location. Port information previously in the introductory article is relocated to "Reference."

What's new in Workspace Environment Management 4.3

Workspace Environment Management 4.3 includes the following new features. For information about bug fixes, see Fixed issues.

Site management

In previous releases, site settings were stored on the agent side and it was possible to change them from the agent GPO. Workspace Environment Management 4.3 introduces a different approach to site management which improves product security. Sites are now assigned to machines (or Security Groups or OUs) by the infrastructure service (broker) using a new Machines page in the administration console. A new Registrations tab under Administration>Agents in the administration console indicates machines which are bound incorrectly to multiple sites, so that you can take the appropriate action to remove the duplicate binding.

From this release, Workspace Environment Management "sites" are referred to as "configuration sets" in the user interface and documentation.

Agent localization improvements

The session agent user interface is now localized for the following languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

User interface improvements

Various text labels and messages in the installation wizards, administration console, and GPO templates have been rationalised and made mutually consistent to improve the user experience. For example, fields used to enter the same parameters in different installation wizards now use the same labels. Current and changed terminology is describe in a new glossary.


Workspace Environment Management 4.3 documentation is updated to reflect current product behaviour. Various minor improvements have also been made, including the following improvements designed to assist users:

  • a number of installation field descriptions have been revised to better explain their purpose
  • the documentation uses new standardized terminology visible in the installation wizards, GPO templates, and in the administration console. For example, the term "broker" is replaced by "infrastructure service".
  • a glossary has been added to explain the new terminology seen in the installation wizards, the administration console, and the documentation. Changed terms are also indicated.
  • the technical overview diagram is updated
  • a new port information table has been added to summarize port usage

What's new in Workspace Environment Management 4.2

Workspace Environment Management 4.2 includes the following new features. For information about bug fixes, see Fixed issues.

Profile Management

Workspace Environment Management 4.2 now supports all versions of Profile Management up to v5.6. New options are now provided in the Citrix Profile Management Settings pages in the Administration Console.


Workspace Environment Management 4.2 documentation is now provided in HTML format in Articles can be downloaded as PDF as required. Advice on load balancing has been added to the section Install infrastructure services.

What's new in Workspace Environment Management 4.1

Workspace Environment Management 4.1 includes the following new features. For information about bug fixes, see Fixed issues.

  • Transformer module re-enabled. The Transformer module is available in the Administration Console. Transformer allows you to configure your physical machines to operate a locked-down thin client version of Windows.
  • Agent Host enhancements. Improvements to the Agent Host remove the communication between the WEM Broker Service and Agent Host executable. All communication now occurs between the WEM Broker Service and Agent Host Service, which then passes its instructions down to the Agent Host executable. This includes local cache access.
  • Documentation on  Workspace Environment Management 4.1 documentation is now available from These PDFs are no longer included in the download. Filter conditions are now documented in the Administration Guide.