Fixed issues

Workspace Environment Management 2012 contains the following fixed issues compared to Workspace Environment Management 2009:

  • Changes to Profile Management settings you make through the administration console might fail to take effect until you restart the Citrix Profile Management service on the target machines. [WEM-6047]

  • Even if you just have read-only permissions for system administration operations, the action buttons on the Action Groups > Action Group List tab might become available after you back up action groups. When you copy or delete action groups, an Exit Application Dialog window appears, prompting you to select Yes or No. If you click Yes, the administration console might exit unexpectedly with an exception. [WEM-9231]

  • When editing a default packaged rule, you are prompted to provide valid values on the Publisher tab of the Edit Rule window, with the OK button grayed out. However, the OK button remains grayed out even if you provide valid values on the Publisher tab later. [WEM-9498]

  • The WEM administration console might fail to display the changes you made to the working directory for an installed application the next time you edit the application. [WEM-10007, CVADHELP-15695]

  • In non-persistent environments, changes you make through the administration console might fail to take effect on the agent hosts. The issue occurs because the agent cache file in the base image might cause cache synchronization problems. As a workaround, users need to first delete the cache on their agent hosts and then refresh the cache manually to synchronize the cache with the infrastructure services.

    The recommended best practice is to use a persistent location for the agent cache. If the agent cache resides in a non-persistent location, take these steps before sealing the base image:

    1. Stop Citrix WEM Agent Host Service.
    2. Delete these agent local database files: LocalAgentCache.db and LocalAgentDatabase.db. [WEM-10082]
  • The following options are not mutually exclusive. However, the administration console does not allow you to configure them at the same time.

    • Hide Specified Drives from Explorer and Restrict Specified Drives from Explorer (on the Policies and Profiles > Environmental Settings > Windows Explorer tab) [WEM-10172, WEMHELP-52]
  • On a published desktop, the WEM agent might exit unexpectedly. The issue occurs if you use the transformer feature and enable the Lock Alt-Tab option. The issue can also occur in environments where an application uses keyboard hooks. [WEM-10215, WEMHELP-50]

  • If you use the automatic agent upgrade feature to upgrade the WEM agent, the Netlogon service might fail to start after the upgrade completes. You need to restart the machine or start the Netlogon service manually. [WEM-10235, WEMHELP-49]

  • Attempts to use the WEM administration console to manage your deployments might fail. The WEM agents might fail to synchronize with the WEM service. The issue occurs because of a deadlock in the SQL database. [WEM-10345, CVADHELP-16081]

Fixed issues

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