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Before upgrading to the Android P platform: Ensure that your server infrastructure is compliant with security certificates that have a matching hostname in the subjectAltName (SAN) extension. To verify a host name, the server must present a certificate with a matching SAN. Certificates that don’t contain a SAN matching the host name are no longer trusted. For details, see the Android Developer site article on Android P behavior changes.


Citrix ceased support of enterprise distribution for XenMobile productivity apps on December 31, 2017. For details, see the Citrix product matrix. Now only public app store distribution is supported.

You can deliver XenMobile Apps in two ways:

Through public app stores: Users download apps from the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. Windows currently isn’t supported for public-app-store distribution.

Through the XenMobile Store. Users enroll their devices in Secure Hub to gain access to the XenMobile Store. From the store, users can add XenMobile Apps and third-party apps, all of which you secure with the MDX Toolkit. You control the configuration and operation of XenMobile Apps through administrative features, such as MDX policies and other XenMobile settings.

For known issues in the most recent versions, see Known issues.

For fixed issues in the most recent versions, see Fixed issues.

For new features in the current release, see What’s new in XenMobile Apps.

For details about apps delivery, see XenMobile Apps delivery and administration.

XenMobile components are available on the XenMobile downloads page.


Before upgrading to Android O (version 8), users must upgrade Secure Hub and all XenMobile Apps to version 10.6.20. Otherwise, users might not be able to sign on to Secure Hub or open XenMobile Apps. For more information about XenMobile Apps and Android 8, see What’s new in XenMobile Apps, Known issues, and XenMobile supported device operating systems.

Before upgrading to iOS 11, users must upgrade Secure Hub and XenMobile Apps to version 10.7. That upgrade sequence is required because Secure Hub no longer supports SHA-1 certificates on devices running iOS 11. For more information about anticipating this change, see the Knowledge Center article on XenMobile iOS 11 and Android O Support.

About XenMobile Apps

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