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Fixed issues

The following issues are fixed in the current release.

Fixed issues in version 10.8.45

Secure Web

  • When a proxy auto-config file with dnsResolve defined is configured in Full Tunnel mode, browsing with Secure Web is noticeably slow. [CXM-49567]
  • When you zoom in by pinching the screen, Secure Web for Android refreshes the web page. [CXM-53026]

Fixed issues in version 10.8.40

Secure Mail

In Secure Mail for iOS, a duplicate notification appears intermittently for every new email you receive. [CXM-51473]

Secure Web

In Secure Web for iOS, switching to Desktop mode causes the web page to render incorrectly. This issue occurs intermittently when you switch to the Mobile mode. [CXM-52847]

Fixed issues in version 10.8.35

Secure Hub

  • On Android O, shortcuts created by policies do not appear on the device home screen. This is by design in Android O. [CXM-35460]
  • On Android, Secure Hub does not open on Samsung tablets after a period of inactivity. [CXM-50797]
  • In Secure Hub for Android, you are unable to deploy the push policy on Samsung Knox devices. [CXM-50869]
  • In Secure Hub for iOS, occasionally the following issue occurs: After users change their Active Directory password, they must keep entering their PIN in a loop. [CXM-50224]

Secure Mail

  • In Secure Mail for Android, automatic synchronization stops intermittently. Users need to synchronize manually in order for some new messages from Office 365 servers to appear in Secure Mail. [CXM-49354, CXM-52716]
  • In Secure Mail for Android, even though you disable email notifications in Secure Mail for email and calendar events, the notifications still appear, and a sound notification occurs. [CXM-50479]
  • When you create an All-day event using Secure Mail for Android, incorrect dates are displayed in your outlook calendar. [CXM-50612]
  • In Secure Mail for Android, Exchange personal contact groups are not synchronizing to the app. [CXM-51190]
  • When SSO is configured, Secure Mail for Android SSO to Exchange fails. Users are prompted for a password to sign in. [CXM-51343]

The following issue is fixed in Secure Web version 10.8.26:

  • Due to an update to Chrome 67 or later: Issues occur when users access intranet sites through Secure Web for Android when using Secure Browse. For details, see this Support Knowledge Center article. [CXM-52186]

Fixed issues in version 10.8.25

  • For third-party iOS Cordova apps wrapped with the MDX Toolkit version 10.7.20, after you enable the Obscure screen contents policy, a black screen appears on iOS devices instead of a PIN screen. [CXM-48471]
  • In Secure Mail for Android, a delay occurs when users sync a calendar invitation with Office 365. The issue occurs when creating or updating a calendar invitation. [CXM-49596]
  • In Secure Mail for Android, when users type a single letter in the cc: field and then tap Send: Secure Mail sends the message to the first user in the list of frequently used users. Instead, a notification should appear that the cc: field entry is invalid. [CXM-50476]
  • On Zebra T51 devices running Android 7, users cannot install the Citrix Launcher app. [CXM-50621]
  • When NetScaler Gateway is configured with certificate-based authentication: In Secure Mail for iOS, every time users receive a new message, the “You have new mail” message appears. Instead, the notification should list the sender name, subject, and body preview. [CXM-51075]

Fixed issues in version 10.8.20

  • If the Intune Company Portal app is installed on Android devices enrolled in the MAM-Only mode, in XenMobile, Secure Mail attempts to redirect to the Microsoft Login page. The following error message appears: “Did not receive any configuration for the app. Please contact your administrator to configure the app.” [CXM-48135]
  • In Secure Mail for Android, sign in fails if your user name or password contains special characters such as ä, ö, ü, or €. [CXM-48197]
  • On Android devices, a restart allows you to bypass authentication to access Secure Mail. [CXM-48444]
  • In Secure Mail for Android, when you reply to emails before inline images are downloaded, mails are stuck in your Outbox. This issue occurs when the Show pictures setting is enabled in your settings. [CXM-49222]
  • In Secure Mail for iOS, if the IRM policy is ON and email classification is set to Protected, you are not able to view attachments when you download the complete mail. [CXM-49544]
  • After users update their Android devices to version 8 (Oreo): They cannot install enterprise or .apk apps from the app store that you deploy from XenMobile. Even when they enable installation of third-party apps, the issue persists. The issue is not limited to Samsung devices. [CXM-50401]

Fixed issues in version 10.8.15

Secure Hub for Android

Secure Hub for Android crashes while fetching location details on devices running Android O. [CXM-47893]

Fixed issues in version 10.8.10

Secure Hub for Android

  • On Android devices, when multiple apps do not install automatically or users don’t click Install themselves, the apps keep downloading. As a result, high data usage occurs. [CXM-46404]
  • On devices running Android 7 or later: When you send a lock security action with a password to the device from XenMobile Server, the device locks. However, the device password does not change if users have an existing lock screen password. Users can use the original passcode to unlock the device.[CXM-47908]

Secure Mail for iOS

  • After updating to Secure Mail 10.7.25 for iOS, the Message-ID header is missing brackets (< and >). [CXM-46029]
  • In Secure Mail for iOS, after users add a calendar invitation from Outlook, intermittently the app crashes. This issue occurs if your calendar invitation contains an Emoji. [CXM-46250]
  • On iOS, after upgrading XenMobile Apps to 10.7.30, if Log Level is set to 11 or higher, Secure Mail is extremely slow and crashes if left open. [CXM-46721]
  • In Secure Mail for iOS, duplicate notifications appear intermittently if the Control Locked Screen Notifications policy is set to Count Only. [CXM-47461]

Secure Mail for Android

In Secure Mail for Android, when users copy and paste four or more email addresses in the To: field, the app crashes. [CXM-46578]

Secure Web for iOS

After updating Secure Web for iOS to version 10.7.25, users cannot join Skype meetings. Instead, the app store opens for the Lync app. [CXM-46336]

Secure Web for Android

On devices that use the WebView API, including Secure Web for Android, you are unable to attach images from a gallery, although the MDX policy Block Gallery is set to OFF. [CXM-41475]

Secure Hub for iOS update on March 19, 2018: Secure Hub version 10.8.6 for iOS is available to fix an issue with the VPP app policy. For details, see this Citrix Knowledge Center article.