App Layering

What’s new in App Layering 2003

  • We now support the following hypervisor, provisioning, and connection broker software versions:

    • Citrix Hypervisor 8.1
    • Nutanix AOS 5.16
  • When administrators configure a larger default user layer size, the disk will be automatically expanded the next time the user logs in.

  • When creating your OS layer in MS Hyper-V or VMware vSphere, you can now import the OS image, by using a script in the OS Machine Tools. The script imports the OS image right from the virtual machine, instead of using the management console and connector configuration. The script uses the Offload Compositing feature, which speeds up the import, and allows you to use a wider variety of virtual machines, including UEFI-based machines.

Labs features in this release

Labs features are previews of potential functionality in future releases. While a feature is in Labs, do not use it in production. There is no guarantee that a Labs feature remains in the product. When released, the feature can work differently.

The Labs features available in this release include the following:

  • You can assign app layers as elastic layers on images that use a different OS layer: Until now, Elastic layer assignments required that the App layer assigned use the same OS layer that was used to create the App layer. Now you can try assigning an App layer as an Elastic layer on a layered image that uses a different OS layer.


    Running an elastic layer on a different OS layer than the one used to create it can have issues.

To use a Labs feature, you need to enable the feature first.

Supported platforms

For information about platforms supported by Citrix App Layering, see System requirements.

Upgrade path

For the latest fixes and features, including compatibility with other software packages that you use, we encourage you to stay current with the App Layering upgrades.

If you are on a pre-19.1 version of App Layering, see the Upgrade article for the correct upgrade path.

What’s new in App Layering 2003