Plan and build your deployment

After you sign up for Citrix Cloud Japan, use the following sequence to set up your connection to Citrix Cloud Japan. Review the entire process beforehand so you know what to expect.

Set up a resource location

Resource locations contain infrastructure servers, such as Active Directory domains and Cloud Connectors, and the machines that deliver resources, like applications and desktops, to users. Setting up a resource location is required for using Citrix DaaS (formerly Virtual Apps and Desktops service).

For instructions, see Create a resource location.

The following video provides a demonstration of creating a resource location and adding Cloud Connectors:

Connect an identity provider

Identity providers are used to authenticate Citrix Cloud Japan administrators and workspace subscribers, and to provide access to user lists for assigning Library offerings to subscribers.

For more information about supported identity providers, see Identity and access management.

Set up Citrix DaaS

To get started with Citrix DaaS, complete the following tasks:

  1. Request a service trial if you don’t have a subscription. Service trials last for 60 days and have all the same functionality as the production service.
  2. Review the system requirements for the customer-managed components in your Citrix DaaS deployment and prepare your machines accordingly.
  3. Review the sequence of tasks in Plan and build a deployment in the Citrix DaaS documentation and follow the steps in each task.

Set up Citrix Workspace

Setting up a workspace for your end-users involves the following tasks:

  1. Enable the Virtual Apps and Desktops service integration in Workspace Configuration.
  2. Select the identity provider you connected earlier as the workspace authentication method.
  3. Configure the workspace features that you want to provide to your end-users.

For more information about the features available in Citrix Workspace for Citrix Cloud Japan, see Set up workspaces.

Plan and build your deployment