Install Cloud Connectors from the command line

You can install the Citrix Cloud Connector software interactively or use silent or automated installation.

During installation, the Cloud Connector requires access to the cloud to authenticate the user performing the installation, validate the installer’s permission(s), and download and configure the services the Cloud Connector provides. The installation occurs with the privileges of the user who initiates it.


Using the same installer for repeated installations over a period of time is not recommended. Download a new Cloud Connector from the Resource Locations page in the Citrix Cloud Japan console.


To use the command line installation with Citrix Cloud Japan, you need to supply the following information:

  • The customer ID of the Citrix Cloud Japan account for which you are installing the Cloud Connector. This ID appears at the top of the API Access tab in Identity and Access Management.
  • The client ID and secret of the secure API client you want to use to install the Cloud Connector. To acquire these values, you must first create a secure client. The client ID and secret ensures your access to the Citrix Cloud API is secured appropriately. When you create a secure client, the client operates with the same level of administrator permissions that you have. To install a Cloud Connector, you must use a secure client which was created by a Full Access administrator, which means the secure client that also has full access permissions.
  • The resource location ID for the resource location that you want to associate with the Cloud Connector. To retrieve this value, select the ID button located beneath the resource location name on the Resource Locations page. If you don’t supply this value, Citrix Cloud Japan uses the ID of the default resource location.

Create a secure client

When creating a secure client, Citrix Cloud Japan generates a unique client ID and secret. You must supply these values when you invoke the API through the command line.

  1. From the Citrix Cloud Japan menu, select Identity and Access Management and then select API Access.
  2. From the Secure Clients tab, enter a name for your client and select Create Client. Citrix Cloud Japan generates and displays a client ID and secret for the secure client.
  3. Select Download to download the client ID and secret as a CSV file and store it in a secure location. Alternatively, select Copy to manually acquire each value. When finished, select Close to return to the console.

Supported parameters

To ensure the security of the secure client details, a JSON configuration file must be provided to the installer. This file must be deleted after the installation has completed. Supported values for the configuration file are:

  • customerName Required. The customer ID shown on the API Access page in the Citrix Cloud Japan console.
  • clientId Required. The secure client ID an administrator can create, located on the API Access page.
  • clientSecret Required. The secure client secret that can be downloaded after the secure client is created. Located on the API Access page.
  • resourceLocationId Recommended. The unique identifier for an existing resource location. Selct the ID button to retrieve the resource location ID on the Resource Locations page in the Citrix Cloud console. If no value is specified, Citrix Cloud uses the ID of the first resource location in the account.
  • acceptTermsOfService Required. Must be set to true.

A sample configuration file:

"customerName": "*CustomerID*",
"clientId": "*ClientID*",
"clientSecret": "*ClientSecret*",
"resourceLocationId": "*ResourceLocationId*"
"acceptTermsOfService": "true",

A sample command line that installs using the parameter file:

CWCConnector.exe /q /ParametersFilePath:c:\cwcconnector_install_params.json

Use Start /Wait CWCConnector.exe /ParametersFilePath:value to examine a potential error code in the case of a failure. You can use the standard mechanism of running echo %ErrorLevel% after the installation completes.


Installation Logs

Installation logs are located at %LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp\CitrixLogs\CloudServicesSetup.

Additionally, logs are added to %ProgramData%\Citrix\WorkspaceCloud\InstallLogs after installation.

Exit codes

  • 1603 - An unexpected error occured.
  • 2 - A prerequiste check failed.
  • 0 - Installation completed successfully.
Install Cloud Connectors from the command line