Record sessions

You can record ICA sessions using the Session Recording controls from the User Details and Machine Details screen in Monitor. This feature is available for customers on Premium sites.

Dynamic Session Recording

You can record the current active session using the Session Recording controls from the User Details screen. For more information about Dynamic Session Recording, see the Session Recording service article.

Session Recording controls in Monitor

You can use the User Details > Session Recording actions to record the current or subsequent sessions.

  • Turn ON Dynamic Session Recording - the current session is recorded.
  • Turn OFF - disable recording of sessions for the user.

The Policies Panel displays the name of the active Session Recording policy.

User details - Session recording

The Machine Details panel displays the status of the Session Recording policy for the machine.

Play back live and recorded sessions

You can play back recorded and live user sessions to understand the issues encountered by the user. Ready access to recordings and session related metrics within the Monitor console eliminates the requirement of searching for the recordings across multiple session recording servers or looking for third-party apps to view the recordings. It helps corelate the issues discovered in the recordings with the performance metrics.

This feature requires VDA and the Session Recording servers version 2308 or later.

Monitor stores session recordings in a centralized repository. The list of recordings belonging to the user are displayed on clicking the Session Selector modal > Sessions with recordings link.

Session recording-play back

You can choose to view recordings of sessions that were active during the last 24 hours or the last 2 days. Live recordings of currently active sessions are marked with Session End Time as Running.

Session recording-play back

Click the View link to play back the recording on a new tab using the Citrix Session Recording playback server.

Record sessions