Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

General content redirection

Content redirection allows you to control whether users access information by using applications published on servers or by using applications running locally on user devices.

Client folder redirection

Client folder redirection changes the way client-side files are accessible on the host-side session.

  • When you enable only client drive mapping on the server, client-side full volumes are automatically mapped to the sessions as Universal Naming Convention (UNC) links.
  • When you enable client folder redirection on the server and the user configures it on the Windows desktop device, the portion of the local volume specified by the user is redirected.

Host to client redirection

Consider using host to client redirection for specific uncommon use cases. Normally, other forms of content redirection might be better. We support this type of redirection only on Multi-session OS VDAs and not on Single-session OS VDAs.

Local App Access and URL redirection

Local App Access seamlessly integrates locally installed Windows applications in to a hosted desktop environment. It does so without changing from one computer to another.

HDX technology provides generic USB redirection for specialty devices that don’t have any optimized support or where it is unsuitable.

General content redirection

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