What’s new in Citrix Workspace app for Android

What’s new in 1812

This release introduces an additional option to the Device Storage preferences. Along with the existing options, you can now select Ask every time so that you are prompted for permission before accessing your device storage in a session.

This option is available from Settings > Advanced > Use device storage.


This preference is a per-session setting. It does not carry forward to the next session.

When you select Ask every time, any system-generated access to your device storage might cause the Use device storage prompt to appear (for example, at logoff). This is expected behavior.

What’s new in 1811

Separate user interface options to enable client IME and keyboard synchronization

With this release, Citrix Workspace app for Android separates the options to enable client IME and keyboard layout synchronization.

In earlier releases, when you select the Enable client IME option from the Settings page, the keyboard layout synchronization feature gets enabled as well. Now, it is offered as two separate options under Settings.

The Enable client IME option allows you to type the double-byte characters (such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters) directly at the insertion point in a session.

The Sync Keyboard option allows automatic keyboard layout synchronization between the VDA and the client device.

On a fresh install and by default, the Enable client IME option is set to On for Japanese, Chinese, and Korean languages and the Sync Keyboard option is set to Off.

To enable dynamic keyboard layout synchronization, set both the Enable client IME and Sync Keyboard options to On.

What’s new in 1810

Support for using File Type Association (FTA) with Google Drive

When using a Chromebook, you can access files residing on Google Drive from Citrix Workspace app using the file type association (FTA) feature. You can seamlessly use Android applications available on Chromebooks to access these files. For example, if you save a .doc file to Google Drive, you can open the file using an Android application (in this case, Microsoft Word) on the Chromebook from within Citrix Workspace app.


Only Chromebook devices support FTA with Google Drive.

To enable access to files on Google Drive, do the following:

  1. Download the Citrix File Access component (FileAccess.exe) from the Citrix Workspace app for Chrome download page and install it on the VDA.
  2. Using Citrix Studio, configure the appropriate file type associations (FTAs) for published applications. FTAs can be configured from the respective application properties or settings. For more information about how to set FTA, see Knowledge Center article CTX218743.
  3. In a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops session, open the default browser, add the following URL to the trusted sites: https://accounts.google.com and https://ssl.gstatic.com.
  4. On the Chromebook device, select the file you want to launch. Tap Open and select Citrix Workspace app from the list.

What’s new in 1809.1

Support for USB smart card

Starting with this release, Citrix Workspace app supports USB smart card readers with StoreFront.

Also with this release, Citrix Workspace app does not support Bluetooth smart card readers.

For information about configuring USB smart card, see Configuring USB smart card.

Citrix Casting using Citrix Ready workspace hub

To provide a better user experience, this release introduces number of enhancements to Citrix Casting using Citrix Ready workspace hub in Citrix Workspace app.

Starting with this release, you can:

  • Roam your session without launching a VDA session on the mobile devices.
  • View the list of available workspace hubs by tapping View hub list from the Workspace hub dialog.

For more information about Citrix Casting with Citrix Workspace app for Android, see Citrix Casting with Citrix Workspace app.

What’s new in 1809

Support for HDX RealTime Media Engine

The HDX RealTime Media Engine is a plug-in to the Citrix Workspace app for Android to support clear, crisp high-definition audio-video calls. You can seamlessly participate in audio-video or audio-only calls to and from HDX RealTime Media Engine users.

HDX RealTime Media Engine integrates Citrix Workspace app on the endpoint device and performs media processing directly on the user device itself, offloading the server for maximum scalability, minimizing network bandwidth consumption and ensuring optimal audio-video quality.


HDX RealTime Media Engine for Citrix Workspace app for Android is supported only on Chromebooks with Intel Core Processor.

How to install HDX RealTime Media Engine:

HDX RealTime Media Engine can be installed both by administrators and users (non-administrators).

  • As a Google Chrome Enterprise administrator, push the HDX RealTime Media Engine to the Chromebooks through Google Chrome Enterprise console.

  • As a user with non-administrator privileges, launch Google Play and search for Citrix HDX RealTime Media Engine. Click Install.

This release of Citrix Workspace app for Android doesn’t support the following HDX RealTime Media Engine features:

  • Camera encoding USB Video Class (UVC) 1.1.
  • Device enumeration and switching from Skype for Business settings. Only default devices are used.
  • G722.1C, RTAudio, and RTVideo codecs.
  • Human interface devices, auto gain control, and Call Admission Control.
  • In Fallback mode, webcam and audio devices are not available because of limitations in Citrix Workspace app for Android.

For more information about HDX RealTime Media Engine, see HDX RealTime Optimization Pack documentation.

What’s new in 1808

Content Collaboration Service integration in Citrix Workspace app

This release introduces integration of Citrix Content Collaboration Service with Citrix Workspace app. Citrix Content Collaboration enables you to easily and securely exchange documents, send large documents by email, securely handle document transfers to third parties, and access a collaboration space. Citrix Content Collaboration provides many ways to work, including a web-based interface, mobile clients, desktop apps, and integration with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail.

For more information see Accessing Files tab in Citrix Workspace app.

What’s new in Citrix Workspace app for Android