Product Documentation

PDF Printing

May 22, 2017

Using a version of Citrix Receiver that supports PDF printing, you can print PDFs converted from within Linux VDA sessions. Session print jobs are sent to the endpoint, where you can open them using your PDF viewer of choice, and print them on your printers of choice.

To use the PDF printing feature, you must be using a version of Citrix Receiver that supports PDF printing. The following versions of Citrix Receiver support PDF printing:

  • Citrix Receiver for HTML5 version 2.4
  • Citrix Receiver for Chrome version 2.4


Apart from using a version of Citrix Receiver mentioned above, you must also enable the following policies in Citrix Studio:

  • Client Printer Redirection (enabled by default)
  • Auto-create PDF Universal Printer (disabled by default)

With these policies enabled, a print preview appears on the local machine for you to select a printer when you click Print within your launched session. See the Citrix Receiver documentation for information about setting default printers.