Linux Virtual Delivery Agent

Non-SSO authentication

This article provides guidance on how to enable non-SSO authentication on the Linux VDA.


By default, the Linux VDA has single sign-on (SSO) enabled. Users log on to Citrix Workspace app and to VDA sessions using one set of credentials.

To have users log on to VDA sessions using a different set of credentials, disable SSO on the Linux VDA. The following table lists combinations of user authentication methods supported in non-SSO scenarios.

Citrix Workspace app VDA session
user name user name
smart card user name
user name smart card
FAS user name
FAS smart card

Disable SSO

Run the following command on your Linux VDA:

/opt/Citrix/VDA/bin/ctxreg create -k "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Citrix\WinStations\tcp" -t "REG_DWORD" -v "fPromptForDifferentUser" -d "0x00000001" --force
Non-SSO authentication