Linux Virtual Delivery Agent

File copy and paste

Users can copy and paste files between a session and a local client by using the right-click menu or keyboard shortcuts. This feature requires Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 2006 or later and Citrix Workspace app 1903 or later for Windows.

To copy and paste files successfully, ensure that:

  • The maximum number of files does not exceed 20.
  • The maximum file size does not exceed 200 MB.
  • The Nautilus file manager is available on the machine where you installed the Linux VDA.
  • The file names contain only ASCII characters and no special characters.

Supported Linux distributions

The file copy and paste feature is available for all Linux distributions that the Linux VDA supports.

Relevant policies

The following clipboard policies are relevant to configuring the feature. For more information about the clipboard policies, see the Policy support list.

  • Client clipboard redirection
  • Clipboard selection update mode
  • Primary selection update mode


To disable the file copy and paste feature, set the Client clipboard redirection policy to Prohibited in Citrix Studio.


  • Cut is not supported. Requests to cut a file are treated as copy operations.
  • Drag and drop is not supported.
  • Copying directories is not supported.
  • File copy and paste must be performed sequentially. Only after the previous file is copied and pasted successfully can the next file be copied.
File copy and paste