Linux Virtual Delivery Agent

What’s new

What’s new in 2303

Version 2303 of the Linux VDA includes the following new features and enhancements:

Support for RHEL 9.1 and Rocky Linux 9.1

We have added RHEL 9.1 and Rocky Linux 9.1 as supported distributions. For more information, see System requirements.

Support for new Linux streaming target devices

We have extended Linux streaming to the following distributions:

  • RHEL 9.1
  • RHEL 9.0
  • Rocky Linux 9.1
  • Rocky Linux 9.0

For more information, see Streaming Linux target devices in the Citrix Provisioning documentation.

Easy install enhancements

We have enhanced the easy install feature and improved the user experience for both silent and interactive modes. Here’s a list of the main enhancements that we made:

  • Added /opt/Citrix/VDA/sbin/ctxinstall.conf as the configuration file for easy install to set, save, and synchronize the values of all environment variables needed for GUI and
  • Added validation for variable configurations to improve robustness.
  • Added command options for you to run For more information, use the help command, -h.

For more information on using easy install, see Create domain-joined VDAs using easy install.

XDPing enhancements

We have added an analysis module in the XDPing tool to check and analyze your VDA registration status. To do a VDA registration status check, run the sudo /opt/Citrix/VDA/bin/xdping -a command.

We have also extended the XDPing test categories to include the dependency, Kerberos, and PAM checks. To do the specific checks, run the sudo /opt/Citrix/VDA/bin/xdping -T dependency,kerberos,pam commands.

For more information, see XDPing, Federated Authentication Service, and Smart cards.

What’s new in earlier releases

For new features included in the releases that shipped after the 1912 LTSR through the 2301 CR, see What’s new history.

What’s new