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Quick start guide

This article provides a quick reference to installing and configuring Profile Management.


Verify that all system requirements are met. For details, see System requirements.

Install Profile Management

Profile Management is included with the installation of the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA). For VDAs, to install or upgrade Profile Management, simply install or upgrade your VDA software.

Deploying Profile Management consists of installing an .msi file and either an .adm, or an .admx file. To install the files, follow the steps in Install and set up.

Decide on where to centrally configure Profile Management

There are three ways you can centrally configure Profile Management. Choose one way from the following:

  • Using a GPO in Active Directory

  • Using policies in Citrix Studio

  • Using Workspace Environment Management (WEM)

    For instructions on configuring Profile Management using a GPO in Active Directory, see Knowledge Center article CTX222893.

    For instructions on configuring Profile Management using policies in Citrix Studio, see Knowledge Center article CTX222893.

    For instructions on configuring Profile Management using WEM, see Knowledge Center article CTX229258.

Configure Profile Management

Configure basic settings

  1. Create the user store

    Recommendations on creating secure user stores – including creating a file share and setting folder permissions – are available in the Microsoft article Deploying Roaming User Profiles. These minimum recommendations ensure a high level of security for basic operation.

  2. Specify the path to the user store

  3. Enable Profile Management

  4. Verify basic settings

    To verify your basic settings, complete the following steps:

    1. In Citrix Studio, set the Enable logging, Logon, and Logoff policies to Enabled.
    2. Log on to a VDA and run gpupdate /force as an administrator.
    3. Log off and log back on to the VDA.
    4. Go to the default log file path, C:\Windows\System32\Logfiles\UserProfileManager, open the pm.log file, look for logon events, and verify that the following messages are present:

      Starting logon processing…
      Finished logon processing successfully in [s]:

Plan your Profile Management configuration

  1. To plan a Profile Management deployment, decide on a set of policy settings that, together, form a configuration that is suitable for your environment and users. The Automatic configuration feature in User profiles simplifies some of this decision-making for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments.

    To determine the recommended approach to deploying, answer the following basic questions about your environment:

  2. Do the following to configure Profile Management accordingly:

  3. Verify Profile Management settings.

    1. Verify basic settings as stated earlier in this article.
    2. Check the pm_configure.log file for policy settings. Verify that the following messages are present:

      Configuration value read from Policy: LoggingEnabled=
      Configuration value read from INI file: CEIPEnabled=
      Configuration value PSAlwaysCache set neither in policy nor in INI file. Defaulting to:


For details, see Troubleshoot.

Quick start guide