Citrix Provisioning

Administrator roles

The administrative role assigned to a user, or a group of users, controls the ability to view and manage objects within a Citrix Provisioning implementation. All members within a group share administrative privileges within a farm. An administrator has multiple roles if they belong to more than one group. Groups are managed at the farm level through the Console’s Farm Properties window.

The following roles exist within a Citrix Provisioning farm:

  • Farm Administrator: Farm administrators can view and manage all objects within a farm. Farm administrators can also create sites and manage role memberships throughout the entire farm.
  • Site Administrator: Site administrators have full management access to the all objects within a site. For example, a site administrator can manage Citrix Provisioning servers, site properties, target devices, device collections, or virtual disk elements. A site administrator can also manage device administrator and device operator memberships.
  • Device Administrator: Device administrators perform all device-collection management tasks on collections to which they have privileges. These tasks include viewing virtual disk properties (read-only) and assigning or removing virtual disks from a device. Tasks also include booting or shutting down target devices, editing device properties, and sending messages to target devices within a device collection to which they have privileges.
  • Device Operator: Device operators view target device properties (read-only) and boot or shut down target devices. Also, device operators send messages to target devices within a device collection to which they have privileges.
Administrator roles

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