Citrix Provisioning


A farm represents the top level of a Citrix Provisioning infrastructure. Farms provide a method of representing, defining, and managing logical groups of provisioning components into sites.

All sites within a farm share that farm’s Microsoft SQL database. A farm also includes a Citrix License Server, local or network shared storage, and collections of target devices.

The farm is initially configured when you run the Configuration Wizard. The wizard prompts you for the farm’s name, a store, and a device collection. When you first open the Citrix Provisioning console, those objects display in the tree.

The wizard prompts you for more farm information. Such as the name of the license server, your user account information, and those servers serving the bootstrap file to target devices. You can always rerun the wizard to change settings, or choose to make farm configuration changes using the Farm Properties Dialog.

A farm administrator can view and manage all objects in any farm to which they have privileges. Only farm administrators can perform all tasks at the farm level.

Connecting to a farm

  1. Right-click on a console in the navigation tree, then select Connect to farm.
  2. In the Server Information field, type the name or IP address of a streaming server on the farm and the port configured for server access.
  3. Select to log in using one of the following methods:
    • Use your current Windows login credentials, then optionally enable the auto-login on application start or reconnect feature.
    • Use different Windows credentials by entering the user name, password, and domain associated with those credentials. Optionally enable the Save password and auto-login on application start or reconnect feature.
  4. Click Connect. The Farm icon appears in the console.

Managing connections

You can manage connections to farms from the Manage Connections dialog box. To open the dialog, right-click on the Citrix Provisioning console icon in the tree, then select the Manage Connections menu option.