Citrix Provisioning

Configuring the boot file for high availability

A Citrix Provisioning server can be selected as one of the servers used to connect target devices during the boot process. For a configuration to be highly available, at least two login servers must be listed in the boot file (maximum of four servers).

The target device boot file contains the IP addresses of up to four login servers, in addition to other configuration information. The boot file lists the servers that a target device can contact to gain access to the Citrix Provisioning farm. The contacted server delivers the target device to a different server, which can provide the target device with its virtual disk.


A shared storage system ensures the availability of the Citrix Provisioning server vDisks. Depending on the type of shared storage, the vDisks use either the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) or the usual DOS naming convention.

Adding Citrix Provisioning servers to the boot file

Add servers to the boot file to provide a target device with the information necessary to contact the Stream Service.

When configuring a server, the wizard allows you to select the server for TFTP services. There is one TFTP server per farm. If target devices are on multiple network segments, and each segment is configured as an independent site, then one TFTP server per site (network segment) is used.

Configuring the boot file for high availability